Creating the Ultimate Charcuterie Board by Jones the Grocer

Jones the Grocer, Australian gourmet grocer and café, offers its’ expertise on how to create an exquisite charcuterie board, as well as showcasing a range of premium and exclusive products that complement the meats perfectly. The right meats boast such fantastic flavours that they make the ordinary board extraordinary and a humble sandwich or a simple salad outstanding.

Assembling an ace charcuterie board comes in five easy steps:

  • STEP 1 Use colour to draw the eye.
  • STEP 2 Place accompaniments close to meats they are best suited to.
  • STEP 3 Go wild, literally, with smaller meats – shape them into rosettes, chains or crumple them like a leaf
  • STEP 4 Use nuts, savoury biscuits, olives and a variety of delicious cheeses, although on a mostly meat board we like soft, herby cheeses.
  • STEP 5 Add splashes of colour with sprigs of rosemary.

WATCH how to make a charcuterie rosette!

As this board is all about the meat, it’s imperative that this essential ingredient is nothing but the best. Jones the Grocers’ charcuterie is made from 100% premium meat, sourced in the UAE. The meats are all-natural and cured slowly using traditional processes such as air drying and smoking and are hand-sliced at point of ordering to ensure moistness and flavour retention.

Here are Jones the Grocer’s charcuterie board essentials:


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