Conceptual sketches give unique insight into the original vision of the design team behind the stunning Jubail Island kinetic sculpture

The sketches and blueprints that form the basis ofthe spectacular ‘The Seed’ art installation on Jubail Island have been put on publicdisplay at the site of the installation.

The fascinating series of drawings was penned by the creative pioneers whosevision came to life in the form of the striking cubed art sculpture that forms thecentrepiece of ‘The Seed’.

The exhibition features sketches made byrenownedartistic directorEs Devlin andateam of Emirati creatives who conceptualised not just the rotating sculpture and itssurrounding area, but also its themes of a seed forming a shoot, then a flower, andfinally propagating.

Members of the public can gain a detailed insight into how these themes formed thebasis of the breathtaking ’Seeds of the Union’ show, which was held at the JubailIsland site to celebrate 49th UAE National Day.

There are less than 20 days until the The Seed closes on January 30. Tickets arepriced AED30 for those aged 18 years and above, AED15 for children aged 7–17,and free entry for those aged under six. All proceeds are being used to fund aconservation programme in the mangroves.

The site opens at 5pm each day–every day except Sundays–to allow people totake their seats before sunset. An audio-visual experience isplayed continuouslybetween 6pm and 8pm, while food and beverage is served from on-site food trucks.

In line with the UAE’s Covid-19 policies, all seating is socially-distanced and allnecessary precautionary and preventive measures have been put in place.

To book tickets visit

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