Cultural Programme for 13th Souk Okaz to Combine Authentic and Contemporary Elements


Under the umbrella of Taif Season, the cultural programme for the 13th Souk Okaz will take place this month, with events that recreate the authentic flavor of the historical Arab market, which was a meeting place for intellectuals and poets for hundreds of years.

The seven-day programe, which starts on August 21 and concludes on August 27, contains a range of events and activities, including cultural and literary seminars and poetry evenings. Seminar subjects include the philosopher Abu Ala Al-Maari, the new Arabic novel Transformation and Content, Taher Zamakhshari Poet and Human, Entrepreneurship Reality and Challenges, Media Values in the New Age, Arabic in Central Asia, Digital Text and Stage Question, Saudi Drama Experiences and Testimonials, Arts Economics, Volunteerism Giving and Belonging.

The programme content has been selected to combine authentic historical and contemporary literary, social, economic and humanitarian topics, making the 13th revived Souk Okaz a media platform and a meeting place for Arab thinkers and intellectuals.

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