Cyber Gear Launches Best Practices Guide for Web Design

Dubai, UAE – 13 June 2024: Cyber Gear has launched a new report entitled, ’50 Best Practices of Web Design’. According to Sharad Agarwal, CEO of Cyber Gear, “These days the attention span of people online is that of a goldfish – a mere 9 seconds! Web developers therefore have the challenge to captivate their audience in this time frame. The first impression matters. Much like when you jump from the parachute it better open the first time. You cannot jump again! We are delighted to share our learnings for effective web design and engagement.”

· Creating a design that fits your business and reflects your branding · Using consistent design elements across your website, such as fonts, colors, logos, and styles · Prioritizing content with a visual hierarchy and using visual elements to enhance it · Making your website easy and intuitive to navigate, with simple and clear menus and links

· Using responsive design to adapt your website to different devices and screen sizes

· Considering accessibility best practices, such as using alt text, contrast, and captions

· White space improves readability

· Writing strong calls to action and making them stand out

· The search bar makes it easy for people to find specific content on your website

· Including social media buttons to encourage sharing and engagement

· Building an inclusive site for all, including people of determination

· Make it SEO-friendly so you gain more traffic

And remember the ‘3 clicks rule’ – people should be able to access any important page on your website within 3 clicks.

Website design doesn’t stop when you publish your site. Keep testing it to ensure your website pushes users toward your goals.

Sharad Agarwal, adds, “At Cyber Gear, we’re part of the digitally-fluent force that’s improving economies, shifting industries, and elevating businesses just like yours. As partners in expanding your business, every digital solution we bring to the table is backed by a meaningful strategy to enhance your brand presence and build an online community.” The report can be downloaded online for free, at the Cyber Gear website.

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