Damas Jewellery, a leading house of jewellery design in the Middle East, elevatesitssignature Alif Collectionas it continues to highlight the elegant Alif silhouette withnew statement pieces that are bigger and bolder.The Alif collection remainsa true symbol of women empowerment in the GCC, whereNadineNassibNjeim, Damas brand ambassador and atrue representation of women empowerment, shines as an Alif woman.

“An Alif is a woman who can stand up for herself, the woman who can face difficulties in the hardest of times”, said Nadine when we interviewed her. Nadine Njeim is a key figure in the Middle East who is the definition of strength and success and looked atas an inspiration. The Alifcollection continues to capture the empowered spirit of women who stand strong, tall, and proud, just like the Arabic letter‘Alif.’ It remainsto draw inspiration from the majestic first letter of the Arabic alphabet, beautifully signifying strong roots, ‘Assel’ in Arabic, rich heritage, and proud origins.This still holds true, as Alif has transpired to showcase the success and journey that each woman embarks on.

The first Alif campaign was mainly about the start, the pillar,andthe origin, andto emphasizeon the role of the women in the region. That leads now to the journey of successand the enthusiasm of the Alif women to reach the unreachable. When Nadine joined us to show her version of an Alif woman for this launch, she spoke about the importance of being capable, loved, and strong as a message she wants to highlight to all women. “What makes a woman unique is about who she is from the inside, her personality, her decency, the way she talks, the way she thinks, her character and then comes external beauty”, says Nadine.

Damas isproud to have collaborated with inspirational women in the region whochampion these virtues such as,Mahira AbdelAziz, a celebrated TV Anchor, the face of the collectionfor two campaigns, Amna Al Qubaisi, the first woman Emirati race car driver, Nayla al Khaja, UAE’s first Emirati female film director,Raha Moharrak, the first Saudi woman to climb Mount Everest, Alia Al Neyadi, the UAE’s first ballerina and Zahra Lari, the first Emirati ice-skater, who shared their experiences as Alif women.

The Alif collection highlights the beauty of colorful meticulous gemstones inspired by the art of mosaic, which uses 18K gold to createthe intricate design that is covered by the Alif Silhouette.Alif was born through the plain gold, half diamond and full diamond motif, as well as a sophisticated white color called the Mother of Pearl. The range evolved from a six-millimeterthickness in the designto eight-millimeters. This showcases thestrength and beauty of the new Alifcollection, which is reflected in each Alif woman.


Every Womanis an Alif Woman.

#AlifVersionOfYou #ATributeToEveryWoman

Now available at Damas Jewellery stores across the GCCand online.

To view the full collection, please visit www.damasjewellery.comFollow @Damasjewelleryon Instagram to discover the collection

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