Deloitte becomes Certifying Body for Aramco’s Third Party Cybersecurity Compliance Certificate Program

Deloitte has been appointed by Aramco as an authorized professional services firm to conduct assessments and issue Cybersecurity Compliance Certificates (CCC) against the SACS-002 Third Party Cybersecurity Standard.


Aramco introduced the Cybersecurity Compliance Certificate Program for their suppliers in April 2020. The CCC program was established to ensure all third parties working with Aramco are in compliance with the cybersecurity requirements in the Aramco Third Party Cybersecurity Standard (SACS-002).


All third parties engaging with Aramco must obtain a cybersecurity compliance certificate from an authorized firm to confirm their adherence to the cybersecurity requirements, as mandated in the Third Party Cybersecurity Standard (SACS-002). Deloitte can now provide the required verification services.


“Deloitte is honored to be one of Aramco’s certifying bodies, working closely with Aramco in the program implementation, which allows for efficiencies and the highest quality standards to be sought. The cybersecurity market has become fragmented and complex, and both enterprises and vendors require third-party validation. Deloitte’s leading position on cybersecurity is the result of speed and scale, providing trust and resilience in the products and services our clients engage.” said Salam Awawdeh, Global Lead Partner for Aramco at Deloitte. “Cybersecurity is now more important and critical than ever to the success of corporations and being selected as a certifying body for Aramco is a testament of Deloitte’s expertise in the area”.


Chris Bredenhann, Risk Advisory Partner, and Khaled Al Sagga, Consulting Partner, represented Deloitte at the formal signing ceremony for the appointment on April 6, 2021, at the Aramco campus in Dhahran.


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