Immerse yourself in the luxurious scents inspired by some of the most captivating cities and stories in history. From the opulence of Constantinople to the mystery of Halfeti Cedar, the decadence of Babylon, and the beauty of myrrh in the Legacy of Petra, each fragrance is a unique sensory experience that captures the essence of its inspiration. Let Penhaligon’s take you on a journey through time and culture this Ramadan.


Inspired by the city of ConstantinopleThe centre of expansive Empires and defensive walls, tales of treachery and devotion. A woody oriental scent that has pine, pink pepper and lavender that create a cool, airiness, reminiscent of morning skies.  The eternal elegance of iris and geranium is weighted by earthy patchouli and moss. The fragrance is a rich and complex blend of spices, woods, and florals that are meant to evoke the exoticism and opulence of the city.


Halfeti Cedar sees amber oozing through Cedarwood Virginia, a veritable cornucopia of rum, dried fruits and spice, and lofty plumes of incense rising to caress the canopy of creamy Cedarwood Atlas. A woody oriental fragrance with the opulence of velvet and mystery of musk.


A decadent warmth is bathed in vanilla. And otherwise powerful and deep textures, are crafted into a whole that is endlessly voluptuous and smooth. Distinguishenotes of sandalwood and cedar are brought to life with saffron and nutmeg, the blend permeated with the addictive scent of vanilla. Quietly reminiscent of the reassuring smell of the divine.


As an ode to the beauty of myrrh, this fragrance worships all its facets, whether evocative of bright lemon or warm balsamic notes, and the vibration of rich spice, but also the darkness of smoky incense made light with a hint of aromatic rosemary. Sensuality and strength characterize the amber-like glow of a scarlet sunset that emanates at the end of this particular journey.

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