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For Resort 2020, Founder and Creative Director Abeer Al Otaiba takes inspiration from the legendary Bianca
Jagger, who typified one of the most inimitable of styles to come out of the Studio 54 scene during the 1970s.
Apart from looking to her most iconic style moments, Abeer also resonated with her advocacy in defending
the social and human rights of disadvantaged women and girls.

The result is a collection of powerfully poetic, dramatic and expressive looks that highlight the artistry and
craftsmanship of the label, ultimately created to make the SemSem woman feel empowered, feminine, bold
and optimistic.

This season’s focus lays on bringing out a completely new dimension to SemSem. Highlighting the brilliant
workmanship of its in-house artists, the New York atelier amplifies its signature textiles. Fabrics are handpainted for 36 hours, lame is tie dyed in rich, saturated tones of blue and pink to develop patterns that are
uniquely SemSem’s own.

Beautifully embellished bustiers are balanced with signature tailored pants and dramatic skirts in
elegant neutrals, silver, black and white. Fluid bias crepe silks are mixed with custom dyed ostrich feathers,
jacquard lame patterns and cashmere to bring new textures to the collection. The poetry and release found in
a freedom of movement is captured in pleated bias gowns. Soft and luxurious Egyptian cotton separates are
added for day to night dressing.

Abeer shares, “Every season I look at ways to integrate our signature geometric detailing with graceful
wearable silhouettes. This season, I wanted to make a powerful statement about the core of our brand identity
and show a new direction for the future of SemSem.”

About Abeer Al Otaiba

SemSem’s Founder and Creative Director Abeer Al Otaiba is a mother of two, and wife of the UAE
Ambassador to the United States. She grew up in Alexandria, Egypt and pursued a career in civil engineering
in Dubai before relocating to Virginia.

SemSem consistently evokes East and West sensibilities drawn from Al Otaiba’s multicultural upbringing.
And while civil engineer and fashion may seem worlds apart, her inclination towards precise designs,
unparalleled quality and functionality marry well with her lifelong love for fashion.

About SemSem

SemSem was taken after Abeer Al Otaiba’s first daughter Samia’s nickname. Her fascination with the
powerful bond mothers and daughters share led to the creation of SemSem – a luxury ready-to-wear clothing
brand for women and young girls, offering them complimentary options while avoiding head-to-toe
matching looks by selecting textiles that work well together, and girls’ silhouettes that are a nod to the
women’s look.

At the heart of SemSem is Al Otaiba’s mission to support and invest in women’s and children’s well-being
around the world, from how fabrics are sourced and how garments are sewed to supporting charities that
make a difference to their lives. Every season, the philanthropist partners with a non-profit organization
dedicated to gender equality, literacy, health, legal awareness, and education.

SemSem has been worn by both celebrity mothers and young women like Blake Lively, Taylor Swift,
Kourtney Kardashian, Jamie King and Saoirse Ronan, and appears regularly on Vogue, Women’s Wear Daily,
Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE and W Magazine.



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