Discover the ‘Promise Knots’ Storyline from MKS Jewellery’s Beloved ‘Al Otaiba’ Collection


Inspired by the rope that pearl divers used to be lowered down to the oyster beds and pulled back up when ready to surface, MKS Jewellery incorporates an ultra-simplified hand twisted rope detail throughout the collection, full of thoughtful messages within this treasured amulet found at sea.

Similar to the line of trust between diver and seib, who would pull him up to safety, for the MKS woman, Promise Knots, represent the importance to have faith in the wisdom that lies deep inside her and the ability to keep the promises she makes to herself.  



Drawing inspiration from H.H. Sheikha Mariam bin Khalifa bin Saif Al Nayan’s great grandfather, Al Otaiba translates to ‘The King of Pearls’ and the elegant collection looks to tell stories of Sheikha Mariam’s ancestry, honoring UAE heritage and bringing it to the present through modern interpretations.

Proudly using Emirati pearls as well as the classic mother of pearl, the handcrafted creations are a marriage of past and present through the stories they tell and through their thoughtful design. The collection; comprised of necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings, incorporates five storylines that reference back to the nation’s pearl heritage and reflect on Otaiba in different ways, all the while keeping a contemporary feel and elevated aesthetic in order to speak to new generations.

“Emirati pearl and mother of pearls are so precious to us, they speak of the colors of our sea and the color of the earth, where our ancestors are buried, and where we find roots to grow. How beautiful the color of our home, how unique is its glow.” – HRH Sheikha Mariam Saif Al Nahyan

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