DMEXCO 2019: The Trust, Transparency & Tech Show

Every year at DMEXCO, 41,000 visitors, around 1,000 exhibitors and more than 550 speakers from all over the world come together in Cologne to set the digital agenda of tomorrow today.

In a recent DMEXCO community survey, Artificial Intelligence is considered to be a significant future trend but not yet part of operative business. Personalization customer experience and programmatic advertising are top priorities for international decision makers. At DMEXCO 2019 EMEA’s leading tech summit, 11 & 12 September, you will find solutions for your business challenges.

Dominik Matyka, Chief Advisor DMEXCO comments:

“The most important trends for the years to come is the use of Artificial Intelligence. But since the opportunities offered by technologies are best made visible by application examples, we want to show more case studies, best cases and implementation scenarios at DMEXCO.”

Tomorrow’s Tech in Operations

Over 1000 exhibitors will be at the DMEXCO Expo, for practical demos with start-ups well represented in the Future Park. The DMEXCO Community, places little importance on mixed reality in operations today. For how AR or VR can change the branding experience tomorrow, key sessions and panels will take place on the Experience Stage, one of nine stages with over 550 speakers at the DMEXCO Conference. Agatha Hood, Head of Global Ads Unity will take part in a panel on branding and Nils Wollney, CEO of holoridewill talk about how Virtual Reality will disrupt in car entertainment. To look at where the start-up fundings going, DMEXCO, in cooperation with Corporate Venture Capital magazine is offering the brand new CVC conference on Sept. 11.

Trust, Transparency and Transformation at Speed

Consumers expect access and purchase anytime, anywhere and on any platform but don’t always trust the tech or use of their data. Despite this era of data and tech, privacy commitments at Google I/O, industry studies and new legislation are signs that all is not good with the consumer. This is a challenge for marketing, advertising, media and commerce companies and why ‘Trust in You’ has been chosen as the key motto for DMEXCO 2019. Stephanie Buscemi, CMO Salesforce in a keynote will answer the question ‘what can marketers do to build trust?’ Dr. Brennan Jacoby, Philosophy at Work will make the case for ‘wise trust’ and share insights on practical steps we can take. For a hands on experience, LinkedIn is offering a seminar on ‘Currency of Trust – How brands can build more trusted connections‘. This will be just one of a series of 150 seminars at DMEXCO.

Transformation in the industry is now happening at speed and how can companies adapt? At DMEXCO, Martin Sorrell, ex WPP CEO will look at new advertising agency models and the newly designed World of Agencies will host the best innovators. Mass media? Or is the marketing budget better placed in video ads? Patrick Fischer, FootballOne will join Jannika Bock, Google to talk it over in a panel. Cecile Frot-Coutaz, head of EMEA YouTube, in her keynote, will explore how the future will belong to unique voices worldwide, turning expectations about age, race, gender and identity upside down.

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