Dr Maher Alahdab gives young woman her smile back

A smile is used to express so many emotions. It can express happiness or affection, and laughter as well. Imagine then if you are physically unable to express your emotions through a smile.

This was the case of a young woman, who was paralysed in the face. For the last six years, she has been unable to smile, and when she came to Dr Maher Alahdab, she did not have much hope left.

Dr Alahdab knew it would be a complex procedure, as he would need to preserve the nerves and arteries and make sure they are nourished and functioning. He connected the facial tissues and muscles to the corners of the lips to enable the movement of the lips when smiling.

The most remarkable part of this procedure is that it was conducted as a day surgery and the patient was able to go home that same day. And she went home smiling.

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