Dubai Government Workshop and Emirates Specialty Hospital successfully holds webinar to define steps on how to ensure customer and employee safety

As part of its continuing move to enhance public health and safety, Dubai Government Workshop (DGW), in cooperation with Emirates Specialty Hospital, recently organized a webinar. The special online session was aimed at familiarizing DGW staff with the essential precautionary measures to be taken in ensuring the safe return of customers and employees to the workshop’s offices. The event falls in line with the pioneering efforts being made by Dubai and the rest of the UAE to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).


According to the DGW’s senior officials, the webinar served as a strategic cultural and awareness platform to help prepare government offices’ return. During the online event, Dr. Youmna Dirani, Specialist on Infectious Diseases at the Emirates Specialty Hospital, gave a presentation that explained the importance of following the recommended preventive measures. She emphasized on the need to comply with the safeguarding protocols as a means to ensure personal and public safety.


In response to the presentation, DGW employees participating at the webinar expressed their key commitment in following the set protocols and also placing full support for the country’s continuing efforts

to battle the spread of COVID-19–strictly following and adhering to precautionary measures that are in line with set international best practices. The online session concluded with a special Q and A forum that sought to answer all questions fielded by DGW employees, which also helped in making them aware of the healthy habits that need to be applied before resuming 100 per cent capacity office operations.


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