Dubai Government Workshop successfully initiates workshop for its team

The Dubai Government Workshop (DGW) recently announced the conclusion of a training course, organized with an aim to enhance the capabilities of vehicle electrical system knowledge. The initiative falls in line with DGW’s efforts to empower and enable its staff to effectively contribute to ensuring the efficiency and safety of vehicles and leading services, thereby supporting Dubai Government’s journey towards excellence. The FOUR-days training course focused on training DGW staff to attain a complete understanding in basic electrical theory and to demonstrate an understanding of vehicle engine control system diagnosis and control procedures.

By the end of the course, staff will be able to:

? Show an understanding of basic electrical knowledge and can calculate various formulas when required.

? Can diagnose ECM input/output signals with oscilloscope examples and demonstrates an understanding of them.

? Demonstrates an understanding of the engine’s sensors and actuators.

? Shows an ability to diagnose emission related faults.

? Confirms their ability in troubleshooting procedures and illustrates an understanding of the oscilloscope’s usage.

? Identify and demonstrate the use of correct diagnostic tools.

Key Topics Covered:

? Volts, Ohms, Amps and Watt units.

? Ohm’s Law, Watt’s Law and basic electrical calculations.

? Parallel and Series circuits.

? Charging circuits.

? Parasitic current.

? Inductance and HT systems.

? The role of a sensor.

? The role of an actuator.

? Exhaust emissions and closed loop.

?Adhering to the highest international standards.

Furthermore, the workshop also focused on capacity building in the area of maintenance and repair and discussed advanced technologies and materials that are being used in vehicle electrical and electronic systems.

Fahad Ahmed Al-Raeesi, Deputy CEO of Dubai Government Workshop, affirmed DGW’s commitment to developing and implementing such integrated training programs to enhance the skills of employees within its various departments and sections. Such initiatives form part of the Workshop’s efforts to move ahead on the path of excellence by offering leading services to customers in accordance with the highest international standards and best practices, he added.

He further pointed out that enhancing the skills is an investment in human capital; and that the adoption of best practices and highest international standards by DGW to ensure the safety and happiness of customers support the nation’s efforts to make happiness part of an institutional culture.

Al Raeesi added: “We highly appreciate the dedication and commitment of our team in supporting our strategy to integrate innovation and technology to improve the quality of fleet maintenance and management. This plays a significant role in supporting excellence pursued by the governments of both Dubai and the UAE. The initiative was a result of our fruitful cooperation with leading private sector entities, and we believe such partnerships enable us to further enrich our employees’ skills and knowledge by providing them with innovative learning experiences. This will help us upgrade the quality of services offered by DGW keeping pace with the rapid technological advancements and thereby meeting the current and future needs of our customers to support the Dubai Government’s vision for excellence.”

The training course was held as part of a comprehensive learning and development program for all DGW employees. The program was organized with the support of key private sector partner Alfuttaim, one of the leading family businesses in the region.

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