Dubai Government Workshop Women’s Committee organizes virtual session titled ‘Hope’

The Women’s Committee at Dubai Government Workshop (DGW) organized a virtual interactive session titled ‘Hope,’ with an aim to enhance interaction among all female employees who are currently working remotely and to drive the success of these efforts by capitalizing on the capabilities of technological advancements. The session forms part of the ‘Optimism’ initiative launched to spread optimism, hope and positivity among employees who are dealing with the impact of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic that has affected the whole world.

H.E. Fahad Ahmed Al-Raeesi  CEO of DGW, said: “The ‘Hope’ session served as a much needed interactive platform to lift the spirits of our women employees and motivate them to exchange views and discuss workflow remotely, reinforcing an atmosphere of positivity and hope. This was necessary considering what the world is going through. The initiative reflects DGW’s keenness to highlight the role of women in the department’s growth and encourage them to share their suggestions, which will add value to our vision, mission and goals. We are also striving to maintain a happy and coherent work environment that responds to the needs  of our female employees and highlight their roles in business continuity, success and progress.”

H.E expressed his appreciation for the DGW Women’s Committee’s relentless efforts that led to bringing the skills of female employees to the fore, while also highlighting the Workshop’s commitment to supporting women and their creativity.

He emphasized that DGW’s steadfast belief in women falls in line with the focus of the UAE’s wise leadership to empower women and further enhance their contributions to the development of our society. His Excellency further affirmed DGW’s continuous efforts to support the Committee in their efforts to foster creativity and positive interaction to achieve happiness within work environment and families alike.

During the virtual session, the Women’s Committee delivered a presentation on the importance of being optimistic, featuring many positive events and news to help them envision a better future filled with positivity and happiness. The presentation also featured a video titled ‘Be optimistic’ to shed light on the importance of optimism and positive thinking, especially in the face of a crisis. Furthermore, it highlighted how essential it is to hold on and to not fall into the trap of negativity, as it will affect individual resolves and productivity.

DGW’s female employees expressed a complete willingness to cooperate with each other to consolidate all concepts of happiness and positivity. They highlighted the importance of launching more such initiatives and programs in the coming days, on various topics that contribute to personal development and instill a spirit of happiness and positivity among DGW staff.

The Women’s Committee at DGW strives to guide and support female staff in maintaining an ideal work/life balance; contributes to improving the overall work environment at DGW in terms of creativity and innovation; and to attracting more women to join the department.

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