Dubai is a city that embraces creative people and celebrates creativity

Culture in any city is manifested on the streets and walls of the buildings and is clearly reflected in the behaviour of citizens and residents. For this reason, cities around the world celebrate the authenticity of their culture and hold festivals and celebrations to promote their creative talents and cultural icons. It is not surprising, however, that the names of these talents transcend their cities of origin as their renown is a result of the work they have provided to humanity.

After Dubai had managed to acquire a prominent position as a preferred destination to live, work, invest and visit, its wise leadership sought to elevate it in the world of culture, thought, literature and the arts, developing an ambitious strategy to attract talents in these fields.

To that end, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, approved in 2019 a new system for granting the first cultural visa in the world. This allowed Dubai to achieve a new precedent in history that affirmed its position as a global centre for culture, an incubator for creativity, and a thriving hub for talent.

This decision represents a reflection of the foundations laid by Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who was always accompanied by advisors and peers in his council, comprising intellectuals, poets, performers and thinkers, in his travels during the early stages of the UAE’s founding. He was also aware that culture, in its various forms, reflects the UAE’s progress and openness as well as allows all residents to live in peace, tolerance and harmony.

This came out of the firm belief that creativity is an essential driver for the development of individuals, the advancement of society, and the progress of the country. It also comes in light of the fact that comprehensive and sustainable development is unattainable in a nation without the existence of strong cultural pillars that will lead to excellence and provide the ingredients for true happiness resulting from the ability to perform and compete with others.

Thus, Dubai extends an invitation to creative people and distinguished talents to benefit from this unique opportunity and reach the highest levels of accomplishment, especially since the emirate provides them with a fertile environment to expand on a global level and join their peers in their respective fields.

Selected talents will not only be granted a long-term cultural visa and residency for 10 years; they will also benefit from the stimulating atmosphere and inspiring environments that are embodied in Dubai’s rich fabric derived from the civilisations of peoples and cultures of nations who live here, comprising more than 190 nationalities, all of whom contribute to painting the colours of their unique identity.

The state of harmony in Dubai’s society ensures the emergence of works bearing its splendid image to the world that recount its prosperity and aspiration to contribute to the 2020: Towards the Next 50 strategy that seeks to position Dubai in the highest ranks over other countries.

Since the announcement of this opportunity to invite global talents to Dubai, the relevant departments and authorities in the emirate have witnessed a continuous increase in the number of applications from creative talents to obtain a cultural visa. It has already been granted to the thousands who have taken Dubai as their home, and they have become an important and effective component in shaping its current success story as well as its continuing path towards excellence in the creative fields.

As one of the supporters of the leadership’s aspirations and ambitious visions in this field, Dubai Culture and Arts Authority joins this initiative to promote it globally, work to attract qualified categories, and help in the selection mechanism of skilled individuals to join their peers of creative talents who were granted the visa based on carefully studied rules and foundations.

Today, our leadership aspires to build a culture that supports the UAE’s soft power in its relations with brotherly and friendly countries, through which it disseminates the values of giving and understanding.

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