Dubai Municipality receives 7 new international specifications

Dubai Municipality has secured seven new Certificates of Conformity (CoC) with international standards (ISO) and British standards across several vital areas during 2023, underscoring its commitment to innovation, excellence, agility, and institutional resilience.

The certifications were received in fields – including areas of environmental management, protection and sustainability, energy management, institutional governance, IT governance, internal auditing, engineering contract management, as well as certification of conformity with the International Standard for Innovation.

These achievements demonstrate the Municipality’s unwavering focus on crucial areas and sectors, aligning with a pioneering and integrated institutional framework that promotes innovation, creativity, and future preparedness.

H.E. Dawoud Al Hajri, Director General of Dubai Municipality, highlighted that the Municipality’s Certificates of Conformity with international standards across various crucial fields reflect its robust vision and objectives in promoting compliance and governance to enhance

Dubai’s appeal, sustainability, leadership, and standards of living. H.E. added that this achievement further embodies the wise leadership’s vision of achieving excellence in government work and enhancing competitiveness.

Al Hajri said: “The Municipality embraces an institutional approach based on a culture of leadership, innovation, governance, sustainability and optimal investment in human and tangible resources. This distinctive approach has substantially contributed to accomplishing numerous international achievements and credits, which distinctly reflect the culture of excellence, agility standards and the pioneering institutional flexibility that we adopt within our line of action targeted at solidifying the Emirate’s position on global competitiveness indicators.”

H.E. further stated that owing to its remarkable human resources comprising of leaders, employees and specialized task forces, the Municipality has been able to continue offering exceptional municipal services and implementing strategies and projects that successfully meet global standards and benchmarks.

New specifications

The specification ‘10845-1’ and the ‘ISO 19011’ are two of the seven certifications received by the Dubai Municipality. The Municipality is the first to receive both certifications in the Middle East region. The specification ‘10845-1’ was obtained by the Municipality owing to its use of best practices in the management of engineering contracts specializing in construction. Meanwhile, the Municipality received the ‘ISO 19011’ for establishing an institutional system to manage internal audits on quality and administrative standards in accordance with international best practices.

Additionally, the Municipality achieved the ISO 37000 certification in recognition of its efforts in promoting effective governance as well as developing and implementing a governance framework in line with the requirements of the new international standard. These efforts and commitment have enhanced the efficacy of Municipality’s governance tools and capacities.

Dubai Municipality was also awarded with the ISO 14001 certification for its environmental management systems (EMS).

Furthermore, the Municipality secured the ISO 56002 certification for successfully implementing standards of corporate excellence and leadership.


In addition to obtaining new certifications, Dubai Municipality has successfully renewed 27 international certifications across different administrative, organizational, and specialized domains during 2023. This, together with the seven new certifications, has brought the Municipality’s total number of international certifications to 34.

The international certification standards are awarded by globally accredited auditing firms. These companies make their decisions on certifications based on the international best practices adopted by the institution subject to evaluation and auditing. The certifications include a wide range of domains, including corporate governance and management.


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