Dubai Municipality’s parks and facilities witness a record-breaking total of over 15 million visitors in the first half of 2023

Over 200 entertainment activities and societal initiatives were organized in the Municipality’s parks and facilities The Municipality’s public parks and recreational facilities span across 13 million square meters in total

Dubai Municipality’s public parks, neighborhood parks, lakes, and recreational facilities registered for the first time a record-breaking total of more than 15 million visitors during the first half of 2023. This marks a 50 per cent increase in the same period of 2022, which recorded approximately 10 million visitors.

Visitors to parks and facilities in Dubai during the first half of 2023 were distributed as follows: 10 million to lakes and neighborhood parks, and around three million to the five largest parks (over 951,000 visitors at Al Mamzar Beach Park; 701,000 visitors at Mushrif Park; over 658,000 visitors at Creek Park; 430,000 visitors at Zabeel Park, and over 153,000 visitors at Safa Park).

Additionally, over 884,000 people visited Dubai Frame; over 710,000 people visited The Quranic Park, approximately 427,000 people visited Dubai Safari Park, and up to 73,000 people visited Children’s City.

The increased number of visitors to these facilities and parks can be attributed to their exceptional locations and ease of access via various ways of transportation. Furthermore, the periodically organized events and initiatives totaled more than 200 out of which 151 were by the private sector, 43 societal initiatives, and 19 recreational initiatives by the Municipality. These initiatives aimed to provide new and diverse recreational spaces and choices to cater to all segments of society in Dubai and enhance their well-being, happiness, and quality of life.

The services provided by the Municipality are integral aspects of its goal to manage and develop public parks, recreational facilities, and attractive destinations in the Emirate of Dubai. They are one of the most key features that draw visitors to those facilities, which include car parks, free seating, and play areas, walking and picnic locations with BBQ areas, hiking and cycling trails, horse riding arenas, and sports facilities such as tennis and basketball courts.

The entire area of Dubai Municipality’s public parks and recreational facilities spans 13 million square meters. Parks in Dubai are exquisitely designed and imaginative to satisfy the expectations and demands of its guests, including individuals and families, and provide them with the opportunity to observe the spectacular vistas and tranquil ambiance. They also are home to extensive grasslands and botanical gardens and host a variety of events.

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