Dubai Police and the Community Development Authority reach 5,277 senior citizens and residents through “Secure Together”

Dubai Police General Command and the Community Development Authority announced that “Secure together” initiative launched earlier this month in implementation of the rational leadership directives to provide full care to senior citizens and residents in Dubai, was able to register more than 5,277 senior citizens and residents. Giving them priority in receiving their communications at the command and control center in Dubai Police and providing them with the best services easily and conveniently, in time of need, whether the services are health, food, social or other.

The initiative registered 2,600 requests from senior citizens and residents related to their need from food, sterilization materials or requests related to health services in addition to requests for psychological support, which were distributed immediately to specialized committees to deal with the requests.

On the medical side, 1,330 requests were received, of which 19 were urgent requests, all of which were dealt with. Medicines were provided to 360 senior citizens and residents, treatment and care was provided to 506, 47 medical devices were provided, and 20 cases were handled to facilitate the corona text for them. With regard to consumer demand, more than 427 food parcels and 358 packages containing sterilization materials were provided, and consumables are distributed on a daily basis to senior citizens and residents through a team of volunteers who have been trained in guidance and prevention methods.

The initiative also received requests for psychological support from 101 cases, which are dealt with and provide psychological counseling and support through a team of specialized doctors and therapists who speak five languages. A team of caregivers at the CDA also communicates on a daily basis with senior citizens who live alone to learn about their needs and check on them. “Secure Together” also received 177 requests of various social and financial needs, 52 of which were dealt with, while the remaining cases are still under study.

Huraiz Al Mur Bin Huraiz, CEO, Social Care & Development Sector, CDA said: “The initiative attracted financial support and physical contributions from many governmental and private institutions and individuals, which confirms the solidity and cohesion of our society in facing crises and its ability, with Allah help, to successfully overcome this stage. The number of financial contributions amounted to more than one million nine hundred thousand dirhams, and more than 1,390 food baskets and 1200 packages of sterilization materials were donated, as well as five cars for transportation and delivery.

Ms Awatif Al Suwaidi, Chairperson of the Happiness and Positivity Council at Dubai Police, stressed on the importance of this initiative, which is part of the special platform for senior citizens, in addition to supporting the system of integrated procedures launched by the rational leadership to deal with the current crisis. She noted on the need to take all necessary measures to spare and protect this group, which is the senior citizens and residents from infection, due to their weak immunity and their potential to be affected more.” Community police cadres and volunteers were allocated to work with the CDA to ensure rapid access to senior citizens and residents and give them priority when receiving their requests. An electronic platform has also been developed to deal quickly with cases and indicate that each request is placed on interactive maps in the command and control room containing the locations of senior citizens’ housing so that their urgent requests are responded to when needed”.

Mariam Hamad Al Hammadi, Director, Elderly Department, CDA said that the initiative has received great attention from the society members and companies alike, which confirms the solidity and cohesion in front of any challenges and our ability to overcome them together successfully, Allah willing. “Secure Together initiative reflects the community members concern about the most vulnerable groups, their respect and appreciation for senior citizens and residents, and their concern for their safety, whether in terms of contributions or volunteering to distribute aid. A special team from Dubai Police and CDA is working extensively to communicate with senior citizens and residents to find out their conditions and needs, and to support them in registering on the platform.

The General Command of Dubai Police and the Community Development Authority launched earlier this month “Secure together” initiative and called on senior citizens and residents to register for the service by visiting the Dubai Police website CDA also receives inquiries and requests from senior citizens and residents on the number 8002121 around the clock, and direct communication with the Dubai Police Operations Room is done to reach them immediately.

CDA called on community members who wish to support the campaign, especially with the approach of the holy month of Ramadan, to send their donations via text messages that will be allocated for that in cooperation with the du and Etisalat companies.

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