Edmond Moutran Chairman – Memac Ogilvy

Edmond “Eddie” to his friends and colleagues – is a real pioneer of the advertising industry in the Middle East and North Africa. Eddie’s business career began in 1973 when he joined Intermarkets in Bahrain. In the process, he became the first expatriate to join the Gulf’s fledgling advertising industry; his path has since been followed by tens of thousands of others.

Born in Beirut, Lebanon, in 1944 Eddie attended the Choueifat International College. He is a BS graduate of the South West Missouri State University in the USA in Business and Marketing.

Eddie’s career moved quickly and in 1976 his focus on international expansion – a hallmark of the years to come – bore fruit with the opening of Intermarkets in Saudi Arabia and UAE first and others in the years to follow.
Expansion coupled with Eddie’s understanding of the entire marketing mix was exemplified when he set up Burson Marsteller Intermarkets in Bahrain in 1978 and opened the doors on a new industry for the region – public relations.
Eddie’s dynamism fueled his ambition and determination to carve his own path. In 1984, he began his own agency, Middle East Marketing and Communications which became better known by its initials: MEMAC. The founding of the company typifies Eddie’s willingness to take a risk when he set up shop with four people, one client and just $13,000
capital. Today, that same company has 15 offices in 13 countries, employees over 1,000 people and has revenues 250 times greater than back in 1984. Today, Memac Ogilvy is one of the largest marketing services companies in the region supporting clients from every industry and sector.

In 1998, the ambitions of Eddie Moutran were amplified through his partnership with David Ogilvy. Memac and Ogilvy became one network, sharing the same values.
Under Eddie’s continued leadership, the company has grown to include a wide range of marketing disciplines. Today MEMAC offers clients advertising, brand activation, digital, sports marketing, public health marketing, and public relations. And through its sister companies offers media planning and buying (Mediacom) and (Mindshare), market research (AMRB) and design (CBa Memac).

Eddie’s role as a pioneer has not stopped with MEMAC. In 2001, he set up and became Chair of the Middle East Advertising Agencies Association (MEAAA). Also in 2001, he was voted Man of the Year by the prestigious ArabAd magazine and in 2014, he was elected by the Lynx Awards Committee as the Advertising Man of the Year for the MENA region. On the same day and in the same awards ceremony, Memac Ogilvy Dubai was voted Agency of the Year and the Memac Ogilvy group was voted MENA Network of the Year.
Outside of work, he is the proud grandfather of Michelle, Lara, Eddie, Sienna, Andrew and Mason and step grandfather to Adriana and Luka. He is the admiring father of Ramzi, Nabil, Sami and Natasha, stepdaughters Rafa and Hiba. And the loyal husband to the indefatigable Liliane.
When time permits, he indulges in four passions: his yacht, his love of vintage cars, playing backgammon and singing. He also plays a major part in his Beirut’s community as Honorary Chairman of the Al Nahda Charity Foundation and a member of the Syriac Orthodox Church Council.
Liliane describes Eddie as a gentle teddy bear at home and a fierce lion at work.

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