Eid Al Adha Mindful Gifting

Gift balance and strength to your loved ones with Vatika Ayurveda’s Premium Hair Care Range!This Eid, if you’re looking for a mindful gift that is quintessentially useful and is sure to make a difference then Vatika Ayurveda is what you need. A range curated for all the lovely ladies looking for a one stop solution to all their hair woes.According to Ayurvedic science the five elements namely air, fire, earth, water and ether determine one’s hair type. Hair’s wellness is balanced when all of these elements are in harmony. The struggles start when one or two of the elements go out of balance and dominate the rest leading to the three doshas – V?ta, Pitt? and Kaph?.Vatika Ayurveda has discovered the right solution for your unbalanced hair using ancient knowledge and modern practices. With the use of all-natural ayurvedic ingredients and deep-rooted, ancient knowledge, Vatika Ayurveda has created three new ranges: Kapha, Pitta, and Vata, each designed to address the imbalance of fire, water, and wind in your body.Free from harsh chemicals, gift your loved ones a holistic start to their hair journey.

Vatika Ayurveda products are available on www.amazon.ae

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