Regional luxury perfume distributor and retailer, Das Elite, recently launched the French Ella K Parfums in the UAE.

ELLA K is a fantasy heroine who is counted among three female explorers from another time, who have inspired generations of women since their exploits nearly a century ago: Ella Maillart, Karen Blixen and Alexandra David- Neel. Without ever being the incarnation of her creator, she is nonetheless born of her imagination. Freed from the constraints of time and space, she recognizes no limits or boundaries to her explorations. She is in ceaseless search of the ultimate interior journey, to meet with strangers and attempt to discover that distant state that exists elsewhere. Adventure is her religion. Liberty is her extravagance.



The Ella K Heritage is an invitation to explore and to be daring. Open the mind to the beauty and diversity the world has to offer. Choose the path to self-achievement through boldness, inquisitiveness, exploration, encounters and the incessant search for spiritual enrichment and by being yourself.

The first seven fragrances created by Sonia are sensory witness each to a different experience, and together they represent the first chapter in a creative adventure on which Sonia Constant has just embarked. Each one is the fruit of a precise, refined alchemy, the result of a short formula written and re-written, with no rigid time-scale, but imbued with the obsession of attaining a purity and a precision designed to produce just the right emotion created by the accords. At the heart of each fragrance, Sonia uses an iconic base material that embodies a moment or a sensation, which she then envelops in a palette of natural, captive notes.


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