Emirati Consultant Oncologist at Al Zahra Hospital Dubai Publishes First International Research Paper on Managing Cancer Patients during COVID – 19

Emirati Consultant Oncologist Dr. Humaid Al Shamsi publishes the first international research paper outlining the management of Cancer Patients during the Covid-19 Pandemic. The research paper was carried out in collaboration with expert medical bodies from six countries including China (Wuhan), Taiwan, Singapore, Canada, Kuwait and the United States. The research paper titled “ A medical approach to the management of cancer patients during the Novel Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID 19 Pandemic): An International Collaborative group” ranks as number one amongst all papers published by the Oncologist Publication.


The COVID – 19 Pandemic has sent healthcare facilities and industries around the world rushing to adapt their systems to new requirements. From tending to masses of COVID 19 patients, to managing other urgent cases, healthcare providers are relentlessly striving to deliver safe healthcare services. Patients undergoing cancer treatment more than often have compromised immunities. This means they are a lot more susceptible to acquiring infections, and less likely for their bodies to fight them.


“We have collaborated with 6 leading countries in the COVID 19 pandemic in identifying how the current situation impacts cancer patients and their treatment plans. Healthcare providers need to minimize the risk Oncology patients are exposed to and identify new pathways of delivering therapies, while relooking at the risk versus benefits of the cancer treatments.” – Dr. Humaid Al Shamsi.


The study outlines that cancer patients have a higher risk of COVID 19 infection and mortality rates. During the COVID – 19 pandemic, people fighting cancer are afraid and uncertain about the treatment choices they need to make, relaying heavily their healthcare provider for clarity. The study aims to provide healthcare experts with more in-depth knowledge on the best medical practices for managing Oncology patients during the pandemic.

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