End-to-end operations evolve under Johnson’s® significant brand transformation

Innovation is a hallmark of Johnson's® brand transformation

Everything about parenting has changed in the past 40 years, and so Johnson’s® set about strengthening and modernizing their brand through reformulated and redesigned products – inside and out. But alongside a fresh offering, our overhaul and ethos of ‘gentle’ was stretched through to our operations. Johnson’s® transformed the whole process, with an overhaul from manufacturing, to supply chain, to shelf.

Johnson’s® have always put the focus on the consumer without ignoring efficiency in operations. With the relaunch, the brand embraced more effective processes. By finessing their global supply chain process, Johnson’s® succeeded in a 28 percent reduction in ingredient suppliers via consolidation. Investment in new equipment meant greater efficiency of standardized platforms, reducing manufacturing sites by 51 percent. Reduction in energy use at internal manufacturing sites by up to 20 percent, ensuring a reduced environmental footprint

Almost half (47%) of what Johnson’s® sells in Africa, Middle East and Turkey is manufactured in the region. In terms of distribution, Johnson’s® reduced packaging suppliers by 89 percent and used packaging sizes that best suited each product, resulting in increased productivity and reduction in costs. Saved costs means greater investment in R&D and continuously raising the bar when it comes to developing products. Focusing on agility ensures that systems are equipped to cater to changing consumer needs, taking into account the rise of ecommerce while reducing the amount of time taken between order and customer delivery.

Products in detail

Johnson’s® baby care range transforms inside and out 

 Johnson’s® combined 26,000 consumer voices with rigorous research science to deliver an innovative range with superior benefits, ultimately offering both parent and baby a gentler experience.

Products have been designed in four different stages, each defining the key stages of infant growth and development. They range from newborn, to active baby, kids as well as the iconic classics range for family use.

It was important to the brand that parents feel confident in what they choose to put on their babies’ skin. Using 50 percent fewer yet more purposeful high-quality ingredients, all washes, shampoos, lotions and creams are even gentler, and are made using simpler and more naturally derived ingredients without dyes, sulphates, parabens and phthalates. That means products now include 96% naturally derived ingredients such as soybean and coconut oil. Formulas are now less greasy and faster absorbing, yet deliver the right amount of moisturization, leaving no unwanted residues.

Innovative technology was at the heart of developing new formulas. One of the proudest achievements is the foaming sulfate-free cleanser. Johnson’s® pushed themselves and created their first-ever sulfate-free formula that creates a velvety, foaming cleanser, keeping the bubbles parents (and their babies) want.

Furthermore, Johnson’s® prioritized using ingredients that are not harmful to aquatic life and ecosystems. Through a patented system, they formulated products that are non-toxic, and don’t bioaccumulate in the environment.

Fragrance is an important element of products as it helps parents and children to bond. All formulas are free of fragrance known allergens and continue to follow International Fragrance Association (IFRA) global standards as well as a five-step assurance process. The new range features the iconic fragrance that mother’s love, while refreshing certain notes to specially create a gentle scent that will be even more precious.

Why consumers will care

Parents at the heart of Johnson’s® first complete brand transformation

Parents and researchers were an integral part of creating a better experience for parent and baby.  Johnson’s® was creative and uncompromising in finding innovative ways to nurture gentler, simpler baby care.

Johnson’s® considered the needs and expectations of 26,000 parents from around the world to shape and refine its new product range. Designed with modern parents’ preferences paired with rigorous research and science, innovative adjustments were made to deliver a range with superior benefits, ultimately offering a gentler experience that also creates a stronger important bond between baby and parent.

Understanding that babies’ skin and hair have unique needs, the products have been designed for three different stages: newborn, active baby and kids, each defining the key stages of infant growth and development. Johnson’s® reformulated and expanded its product line for these unique milestones, so parents can feel more confident that they are choosing the right product for their child.

For nearly a decade Johnson’s® has been leading the emerging field of study into the development of the infant skin microbiome (the microorganisms in an environment such as a baby’s body). The new range designed for different stages specially considers the unique ‘skin microbiome’ of babies and the structural skin changes which occur during development. The cottontouch™ collection is clinically proven not to disrupt babies developing skin and microbiome and is designed specifically for newborn delicate skin. Made with real cotton the products are easy-rinsing, fast absorbing, and leave baby’s skin soft with virtually no unwanted residue.

One of the most important elements was making bath-time enjoyable for both parent and baby. Johnson’s® did this by designing softer, ergonomic bottles with convenient pumps for one-hand use. This way, mums and dads can remain focused on the baby and hold their baby throughout.

Johnson’s® pushed themselves to create a sulfate-free formula that creates a velvety, foaming cleanser – cutting out the unwanted ingredients but maintaining the bubbles that both parents and babies want. Bubbles create interactive and bonding playtime moments, ensuring babies look forward to their bath. New products now offer creamier quick lathering washes for easier rinsing, improved conditioning as well as light, fast absorbing formulas, without the greasy after-feeling.

Johnson’s® new products do more than just cleanse and moisturize, they turn ordinary minutes of care into important bonding moments at every age and stage, strengthening the connection between baby and parent. Gentle fragrances in the products help to create that direct connection to memory and emotion, making memorable bath-time experiences.

History & heritage

Johnson’s® unveils next chapter in its 125-year history of unparalleled care

 For nearly 125 years, Johnson’s® baby products have been a special part of the moments in parents and babies’ lives. With a mission to create the gentlest baby-products in the world, Johnson’s® redefined the term gentle and reinvented mild baby care products.

As far back as 1880, Johnson’s® understood women’s and mothers’ role as caregivers and were the focus of the company’s early consumer products and educational campaigns.

Striving to develop mild products for every stage of a baby’s life, Johnson’s® has been committed to improving the lives of mothers, parents and babies through research and scientific innovation from the very beginning. For example, Johnson’s® products have been free from parabens, phthalates and formaldehyde-releasing preservatives for years, while formulas have already been free of known fragrance allergens.

As part of one of the world’s top healthcare companies, Johnson’s® partner with global health authorities, doctors, nurses, midwives, and leading baby experts to understand the unique needs of babies at every age and stage in diverse areas of the world.

Johnson’s® has continuously evolved, adapting their products in response to changing consumer and market needs.

Giving back to the community is also an important part of the brand ethos and Johnson’s® formed the Right Start initiative.  Partnering with Save the Children the aim of the project is to encourage registration of babies at birth, giving them the ‘right start’ and eliminating the disadvantage of not having an official identity.


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