Endless Summer: Salvatore Ferragamo Pre-Fall 2020

Italy’s kaleidoscope of culture, craft, invention and attitude permeates this Salvatore Ferragamo Pre-Fall collection.

Designed to heighten the pleasures of summer travel, it offers both ease and elegance. Colour, texture, silhouette and style are artfully intermingled to create complementary contrasts. The formality of tailoring is given ease through soft fabrication and lightness. The informality of sportswear is given impact through the use of print and noble materials. Sculptural details, fluid fabrications, and artisanal techniques all combine – as Ferragamo tradition dictates – upon a foundation of impeccable and innovative footwear. This is a toe-to-head collection that reflects the toe-to-top appeal of Ferragamo’s homeland.

Paul Andrew says: “This is a collection inspired by my constantly growing appreciation of the richness and variety of Italian culture. This collection goes on sale in May and June, so I wanted to communicate the seductive colour and promise of a long and languid summer ahead. The house expertise in leatherwork is expressed in patchwork shearling pieces and ultra-light leather tailoring.  This is an extremely modern warm weather wardrobe that’s made to be worn on a dream Italian vacation – or at least when dreaming of that Italian vacation.”

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