Endoscopic Surgery to Remove Defect from a Saudi Newborn Girl

Rare birth defects required a 5-hour Surgery

A team of local pediatricians in Najran (southern Saudi Arabia) performed surgery to save a newborn from a congenital head defect.

Saudi Health stated that a medical team at the Maternity and Children Hospital dealt on Monday, 28th August with a lump on the back-side skull of a newborn girl.

Clinical tests and x-rays diagnosed the case as Encephalocele; a protrusion that appears on the back of the head when the neural tube fails to close during the 4th week of pregnancy.

The team decided to perform urgent surgery which lasted 5 hours. Surgeons start by making an incision in the protruding part to reposition the sensitive tissues back inside the brain, remove the lump, and repair the meninges.

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