European filmmaker Andres Vicente Gomez visits Maharat Learning Center for his upcoming venture

November was an inspiring for the staff and students of Maharat Learning Center, as they welcomed the very well-known European film producer Andres Vicente Gomez, a name that everybody in the region has been talking about after his recent blockbuster film Born a King.


The Oscar-winning European producer, who has bagged all the limelight and appreciation for his recent film Born a King that is based on King Faisal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, was in Dubai for his upcoming venture, the remake of “Champions”, a Spanish film that focused on shifting the perception of people with special needs.


While at the center, Mr. Gomez met with Dr. Hibah Shata, the CEO of Maharat Learning Center, to discuss in detail about his upcoming film – a remake of “Champions” and the possibilities of collaboration with the center.


The film, that is planned to be will be shot in Jeddah, is inspired by the story of the intellectually impaired Saudi basketball team that managed to lift the Championship trophy 4 times in a row at the international level basketball tournament.


Mr. Gomez is currently working with Saudi screenwriters to customize the story, in a way that it is relatable to the Saudi audience in terms of language and culture. The film emphasizes overcoming adversity, persistence and friendship. It is also intended to raise awareness among the people of the Kingdom about the challenges, strength and determination of the people with special needs in Saudi Arabia.


Andres Gomez’s collaboration with Maharat Learning Center adds a lot of value to the plot, as the Center provides a variety of specialized programs for children and young adults with learning difficulties and special educational needs. From behavioral assessments, behavioral therapy, tutoring for specific learning difficulties, school shadowing, school supervision and inclusion support services, and professional development and training.

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