Eva Fehren exclusive capsule collection with Aubade

Aubade recently unveiled an exclusive emerald capsule collection in collaboration with New York based brand, Eva Fehren. The collection, which features a series of pieces set with unique cut emeralds, was the result of a brainstorming session that happened between Duha AlRamadhan, founder of Aubade, and designer Eva Zuckerman during her visit to Kuwait in March 2019.

The resulting collection features some of Eva’s best selling styles set in emeralds instead of white diamonds. In her true and classic geometric style, Eva showcases yet again her love for modern and clean silhouettes with this capsule collection.


About the collection, Eva has said:

“As with many of our geometric cuts, it was near impossible to source these stones.  After checking multiple sources in almost every corner of the world spanning multiple months, we finally found a parcel of mixed shapes we were able to sift through and pick out our favorite shapes.  The parcel was a mix of both Zambian and Colombian emeralds, and it took the course of a week to find a group of stones that not only worked in terms of shape, but also stones that also represented that perfect “emerald green”.   Once we had the small parcel of stones we fell in love with it was time to design the collection.  Aubade’s clients had such a strong reaction to our white diamond Off-Set Collection during our trunk show in April – incorporating these emeralds into the same silhouettes and designs seemed like a no-brainer.  We sent Duha and Harriet our original thoughts on each stone, and after a little back and forth we finalized the collection.  We make everything by hand here in NYC, and we also needed to source a matching emerald melee in NYC, so we got to work on the pieces right away.  This is one of the only times I have worked with colored stones, and my entire team and I were super thrilled with the outcome!”


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