Exclusive Eid Biryani Recipes from India Gate

Yes, as Eid gets closer we find ourselves scouting for unique biryani recipes that will help us serve a memorable meal to our family, friends and guests. Biryani is a feast and making it perfect is all about doing it the right way. 

The dish biryani, which started off as a simple mix of rice, meat and spices, today, has gone on to have over 100 different recipes to its credit. But getting your biryani right can be quite tricky. It has to be the right blend of rice, spices and meat to get that perfect flavour and aroma. Moreover, the rice you use plays the biggest role in determining the taste of your biryani, afterall it is the key ingredient of the dish.

For a perfect Biryani, the outcome of rice is as important as the meat. And for the perfect outcome of rice in the Biryani, it is essential to pick them right.

This Eid al Adha the expert chefs at India Gate share authentic biryani recipes using India Gate Basmati rice that will ensure you get the perfect taste, flavour and aroma.

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