‘Experts Talk Show’ 25th edition to center discussion on bullying and its effects

The ‘Experts Talk Show’, the first digital platform awarded with the Dubai Endowment Sign for “Knowledge Endowment” and a social awareness platform sponsored by Salem Ahmad Almoosa Enterprises (SAAE), will shed light on the act of bullying and how it can be addressed by the community on its upcoming episode.

Set to air on November 3, 2021, the 25th episode will convene a panel of experts including Glenn R. Stutzky, senior clinical instructor at the University of Michigan and Jodee Blanco, a bullying survivor, author and advocate. The show will be hosted by Alharith Almoosa, Vice Chairman of Falconcity of Wonders, and Jassim Al Bastaki, an economic affairs researcher, will moderate the panel discussion.

Alharith Almoosa said: “The Experts Talk Show series has succeeded in its role as a platform that raises awareness and facilitate discussions on pressing issues that affect communities, one of which is bullying. With the upcoming episode, we aim to talk more on this issue which has been silently affecting our children. This act can be prevented if we work as a community and give support to those who are experiencing bullying. Aside from that, it is also equally important to understand the behavior of the bullies and the underlying factors why they resort to this act. Calling the attention of adults and young people through platform like this will help address this concern.”

Defining the act, Glenn R. Stutzky said: “Bullying is a form of intentional, repeated aggression and involves a power differential between the bully and the victim. This behavior is often hidden and subtle, and it affects significant number of people, particularly children. Bullying is a complex problem, hence, there is no quick solution. For us to prevent it, we have to understand the issues, factors, and context, some of these are unique to each individual. I am pleased to be adding my voice on this issue through this talk show.”

On her part, Jodee Blanco stated: “Bullying takes a lot of forms, it can be verbal, physical, emotional, or even cyber. There are hidden and multiple issues that cause bullying, it can be social and family issues. Regardless, we need to talk about it more to come up prevention and intervention. It takes a collective effort from all segments of society, and that is why I am glad to join the other esteemed speakers so we can delve more on the issue.”

The 25th edition will be available at http://expertstalkshow.com. Viewers may also visit the ‘Experts Talk Show’ website to access past videos and for more information on upcoming events.

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