EY announces first-ever virtual corporate MBA free to all EY people in the MENA region

EY, in association with Hult International Business School, announces the first-ever fully accredited virtual corporate Master of Business Administration (MBA). In line with the inclusive culture at EY, it will be available free of charge to all 284,000 EY people in more than 150 countries.

The EY Tech MBA by Hult is focused on helping EY people develop the mindset and skillset to navigate new ways of working, with all learning delivered entirely online. This reflects a broader shift toward virtual learning as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, during which EY has seen a 40%+ uplift in the use of its online learning resources.

From the start of March 2020 to date, over 3,000 Udemy courses were completed by employees in the MENA region through the EY corporate subscription. In addition, over 1,200 online learning courses from the EY Badges program were initiated by employees, which now count towards the EY Tech MBA by Hult.

EY people studying for the MBA will be able to build their own personal curriculum from a broad range of subject areas, from artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain and robotic process automation (RPA) to employee wellbeing, diversity and inclusion, and sustainable business practices.

Carmine Di Sibio, EY Global Chairman and CEO, says:

“As the world continues to manage through and adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic, we believe the skills of EY people and their ability to serve clients will be a differentiating factor. The EY Tech MBA by Hult will enable EY people to harness the power of new technologies like AI and blockchain and develop strategies to help EY clients navigate unprecedented disruption. Through this new fully accredited qualification, EY people will be able to develop the business leadership behaviors and technology skills that will build a better working world.”

The MBA will be awarded by Hult International Business School, which is renowned for its skill-focused approach to education and commitment to practical learning. Hult is the first triple-accredited business school in the US and regularly ranked as one of the top business schools in the world.

Rachel Ellyard, MENA Talent Leader, EY, says:

“Creating meaningful learning opportunities for EY people is a core focus of the business. We are incredibly proud to launch the EY Tech MBA, in association with Hult, which will provide our workforce in the MENA region with a strong baseline of highly relevant skills taught in a way that suits them. We see this degree as not only enabling our people to utilize the latest technologies for the good of clients across our network, but also as a beneficial asset for the rest of their careers.”

“Initiatives such as the EY Tech MBA ensure that we remain strongly positioned to adapt to rapidly shifting market dynamics and serve our clients’ diverse needs. This is even more imperative in today’s workplace, which continues to face unparalleled levels of disruption.”

Stephen Hodges, Hult International Business School President, says:

“This is a tremendously exciting moment. Helping EY people to acquire relevant knowledge, apply it in the workplace, and integrate ideas to solve big problems is at the core of Hult’s mission to be the world’s most relevant business school. The EY Tech MBA by Hult is a huge step forward in helping to prepare EY people for the challenges of tomorrow.”

The MBA builds on EY Badges, through which EY people earn digital credentials in future-focused skills through learning and applying their learning in practice. To earn the EY Tech MBA by Hult, EY people will need to complete 16 Badges spanning technology, leadership, and business topics as well as a final capstone project. The total commitment is more than 300 hours.

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