Family Development Foundation organises Ramadan activities to foster positive communication among community members

The Family Development Foundation (FDF) organised a series of Ramadan activities as part of its efforts to foster social skills and positive communication within family and community members, as well as enriching the holy month of Ramadan with spiritual and educational experiences. The key goals of these activities were to raise the faith of individuals and encourage them to make sincere efforts towards Allah. It further seeks to reinforce positive attitude, such as ensuring parental satisfaction and being kind towards them, which forms the cornerstone of relationships. Furthermore, these activities aim to create a sense of brotherhood among community members.

Ramadan activities included several lectures, Ramadan Councils ‘Ramadan Majlis’ and voluntary community initiatives organised in line with the activities of ‘Barakat Al Dar’ Club. These programs were held in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Dhafra region, which were attended by senior citizens and their family members. These activities included a ‘Ramadan Together’ initiative, which involved distributing Iftar meals in cooperation with the Emirates Blood Donation Society and ‘Bid Dim? Narwiki Y? Watan’ Team.

In addition, ‘Barakat Al Dar’ Club organised the ‘From You, For You’ initiative in line with the Councils of Elders at Al Marfa Centre. As part of the initiative, club members visited other senior citizens at their homes with an aim to improve social norms and convey greetings on the holy month of Ramadan.

With thoughtful planning, the Club presented a series of religious lectures, interactive workshops, and Ramadan Councils. The key topics of interactive workshops and lectures were: “Determining the Night of Decree ‘Laylat-Al Qadr’ ‘, fasting of the senses, healthy in Ramadan, maintaining health during the holy month, the journey to happiness and positivity in Ramadan, ‘for a fixed number of days’ lecture and ‘Blessed wealth’ lecture, communal Iftar and distribution of Iftar meals. The program also shed light on the topic ‘Ramadan’s past and present’ and presented a motivational lecture titled ‘So for this let the competitors compete’. Furthermore, sessions highlighted the importance of maintaining ties of kinship, relevance of viewing Ramadan as a blend of worship and exercise, tips for maintaining health and proper nutrition during the holy month, Ramadan gatherings and Iftars. It also featured an ‘Iqraa-Read’ session, pauses with fasting women in Ramdan, a talk on generosity of the soul, and a lecture highlighting the importance of Suhoor.”

As part of the activities at Zayed Humanitarian Library, FDF’s Ramadan activities featured a range of workshops under the title ‘Ahlan Ramadan’. These workshops, which were attended by nearly 200 family members, aimed at educating and raising awareness within families across various areas such as jointly preparing for the holy month of Ramadan and spending quality time together through diverse activities. Furthermore, it included activities and discussions highlighting various religious practices to be followed during the holy month, as well as traditional customs such as exchanging gifts and greetings to spread the values of tolerance and family unity within families as well as across the community.

Through its innovative programs, services, and various activities, FDF seeks to constantly provide opportunities to enhance social engagement for seniors and those approaching this age, within a supportive social and psychological environment that helps improve their quality of life in a sustainable manner. In addition, the Foundation underscores the cultural and intellectual development of all community members while promoting reading skills, knowledge dissemination and constructive ideas.

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