Fashion Business Alert: Manufacturing Platform Fashinza Announces Expansion Plans in ME

Roll out soon in GCC with focus on the UAE, Kuwait, and Egypt

Fashion start-up Fashinza is making waves in the industry this year. The company, which was founded by serial entrepreneurs Abhishek Sharma, Pawan Gupta, and Jamil Ahmad, had recently secured $20 million in series A VC funding. Now Fashinza has announced plans to expand its operations into the Middle East. The fashion-tech start-up plans to enter all GCC markets with a focus on the UAE. They will look forward to partnering with apparel retailers as well as commercial brands, as stated by the co-founders.


Fashinza has invested its series A funding into two chief areas: supply chain technology and expansion of its base globally. Earlier this year, the start-up had established an office in New York City. Now, the decision to set up a base in the UAE makes sense considering it has an established history with the Gulf country. Venture capital firms such as Disrupt AD (based in Abu Dhabi) have invested in Fashinza during its series A round. Accel Partners, Elevation Capital, Stride Ventures, Alteria Capital, and Tradecred were some of the other investors.


In a statement to the press, Fashinza co-founder and CEO Pawan Gupta spoke of growing his company in a collaborative and sustainable fashion. Fashinza’s roster presently includes over 400 ethical production factories from India, Bangladesh, China, and Vietnam. Gupta wants to open up sourcing access to these countries for brands of all sizes in the Middle East. He also claimed that this is the first time a cloud-based supply chain and product development platform is being offered in the market. “We want to help fashion designers and brands breathe a little easier,” Gupta said, “That, by design, means a world where apparel manufacturing is smarter, easier, and sustainable.”


Fashinza plans to make sustainable products available to brands at low costs and low MoQs. At the same time, Gupta hopes to offer other core benefits including reduced sample approval time, 8 weeks average production cycle, and 4 times faster supplier matching and pricing.


To achieve its goals, Fashinza wants to connect more companies (especially small and medium-sized businesses) to the cloud. This cloud integration is possible via Fashinza’s signature platform. The platform, which is browser and mobile-friendly, enables seamless management of all stages of the production process. Users can track production status, monitor daily production updates, and review factory footage through the platform. The dashboard is also empowered with an inbuilt catalogue, which comes with 5000+ ready designs, enabling partners to place or repeat orders with a few clicks. In addition, the dashboard helps brands to directly communicate with the on-ground teams.


“Fashinza is a powerful and versatile platform built to address and mitigate the pain points in the apparel industry. The said industry is largely fragmented, non-transparent, and rigid, and this causes delays across production schedules and delivery. Fashinza will address these issues using a single dashboard interface – cutting down inefficiency, cost overruns, and redundancies,” said Fashinza co-founder and COO Abhishek Sharma, adding that with Fashinza, apparel sourcing will be as easy as placing an order on Amazon.


Fashinza will help clothing brands with everything from designing and production to quality check and delivery, assuming end-to-end ownership for the process. Fashinza’s existing clientele includes noted brands such as, Forever 21, and Apparel Group. Still, the start-up is eager to work with companies of all sizes, especially small and sustainable brands.


“We are planning to set up a 15–20-member team in the UAE and we will be operative in apparel as well as home textiles market,” said Fashinza co-founder Jamil Ahmad. Fashinza will also assign dedicated account managers to every brand as a standard practice, ensuring all their requirements are fulfilled with minimal hustle.


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