Feed your skin with delicious Avocado – DermoViva Skin Superfood

A breakfast favourite commonly had over toast, in the form of the popular guacamole and an important ingredient in smoothies and health drinks, Avacado is the most talked about superfood these days. Not only is it great to eat and extremely healthy, it also boasts of an impressive list of skin boosting benefits. While eating this creamy fruit is a great option, applying it topically yields a number of skin benefits that are sure to surprise you.  

Bringing to you the goodness of Avacado in a hassle free, carry at all times option, DermoViva Skin Superfood range offers a range of finest skincare products formulated with this superfood. From an all-inclusive face care range comprising face wash, face scrub and face mask to a body care range of smoothie lotions and dessert creams you have got your skin and body care needs covered.

Avacado is rich in natural oils and Vitamin E that are essential for moisturizing the skin and keeping it supple and healthy. It also provides nourishment, hydration and lends the skin a natural glow. Apt for the winter months, avocado is great at treating skin dryness and roughness keeping it nourished at all times.

Shop DermoViva’s Avacado skin care range online on amazon and noon or from your nearest Carrefour or Lulu supermarkets.

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