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A festive event gathering 40 generations AACLW organizes an end of year fundraiser

L’Association des Anciens du Collège Louise Wegmann (AACLW) organized its end of year party, gathering more than 400 alumni and friends from 41 different classes of the CLW, starting 1978 till 2018. The event that took place at AHM – Beirut Water Front on December 26th, aimed at raising funds for scholarships to distinguished Collège Louise Wegmann students.

“Great thanks go to everyone who joined us as we are celebrating the festive season,” said Nadim Ghantous, President of the AACLW. “As alumni, we should step up to help the current students and graduates of our esteemed school, not only financially, but through providing internships, career advice and help them land better job opportunities”.

The entertainment featured a lineup made up fully of AACLW members, including DJ Abdo Hanna (class of 2018), a live band “Super Group” with Eddie Cordahi (2013) & Mohamad Halawany (2013) (and the amazing voice of Amanda Maalouf), “DJ Base”-Basel Naaman (2007), “DJ Hear”-Sary Sehnaoui (2001) and DJ Ramzi Khalifeh (2018). It was certainly one of the best music mixes that AHM has ever seen, keeping the party moving late into the night.

During the evening, the new AACLW committee was announced and its members introduced, including Nadim Ghantous (class of 1981) as President, Sherine ElZein (2007) as Vice-President, Gaby Ferneine (1996) as Treasurer, Rami Salman (1990) as Secretary, Omar Karam (2011) and Rami Mabsout (2009) as members.

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