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Personalize your skincare routine, follow it daily and you will reap the results!

As tedious as it may seem, following a good skincare routine is essential to maintain a healthy glowing skin. In order to maintain a good skin care routine, there are a few factors that one should consider:

Follow the right sequence: Your skincare routine would usually consist of cleansing, exfoliation, a face mask and moisturizing, but the sequence and frequency is what is important, to achieve best results. Cleanse your skin twice a day, follow this with exfoliation which should be done at least twice every week. After exfoliation use a face mask, and repeat this twice a week. Moisturize your skin every time you wash it.

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Pay attention to the ingredients: Always opt for skincare products with natural ingredients. Avoid products which contain sulphates and parabens, as these are extremely harmful.

Switch products with season: When it comes to skincare never try the ‘one for all’ theory. You need to switch your beauty products regularly depending on the season and your skin type.

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