For the stylish techie dads – Father’s Day gift guide

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and a lot of us are trying to find the perfect and unique gift to show our appreciation for our fathers for being the best role models and having an effective role in our family! However, finding a gift that resembles our love for our dads can be difficult.


Who said hair care is only for women? Men like to take care of themselves and their hair. They are always on the lookout to find the perfect product to add to their everyday routine. Vatika introduces “Vatika Menz”, a full set to give to your dad that fulfills his perfect look. The collection includes aloe vera and honey styling cream – it’s a rich mix of herbs that gives long-term hair shine in addition to nourishing your hair. And also includes strong hair gel – it specializes in keeping your hair set all day without it being sticky and filled with residue. The last product of the Vatika men’s collection is a conditioner containing almond and avocado that is designed to help the ends of your hair to be nourished and strengthened.


Whether your dad is into gadgets or is in constant meetings, Poly has the perfect tools to gift to your dad! With a collection ranging from headsets, speakers, and cameras. Choose from their latest headset, the “Voyager Focus 2” or the “Poly Sync 20” speaker would give your dad a variety of features that are capable of connecting with a number of devices. Definitely a perfect Father’s Day gift.

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