Four-hour operation saves Saudi child from a fatal brain infection

Rapid intervention ended the two-year-old suffering from rare headaches

A Saudi surgical team at the Maternity & Children Hospital of Makkah managed to end the suffering of a two-year-old child from recurrent brain infections due to a congenital cyst.

The medical team explained that the mother noticed the child holding his head and crying continuously, the condition developed into pus coming out of the back of his head, in addition to a decrease in consciousness.

When he was transferred to the hospital, an MRI was performed, which revealed an increase in the size of the congenital cyst with pus gathering in the cerebellum, pressuring the neighboring nerve tissue, a condition that could have been fatal if not treated.

The successful surgery that was performed using a microscope took four hours, after which the child was discharged safely, to continue the recovery period inside the hospital.

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