French Innovators Sets the Benchmark For Sustainable Energy Path at ADIPEC 2023

TotalEnergies, a French global leader in the energy sector, in partnership with Business France is supporting 11 French companies from the French Pavilion at ADIPEC 2023 on their innovative solutions shaping the future of the sustainable energy landscape. This year’s agenda is clear: empower industry leaders to address the world’s changing energy demands while advancing the decarbonization of existing infrastructure.

The Middle East, and especially the UAE, is swiftly emerging as a hub for decarbonization and advanced manufacturing in the energy sector. The UAE’s strategic investments in renewable energy, sustainable technologies, and carbon reduction align seamlessly with the French companies’ proposals and contribution to the energy market.

From pioneering renewable energy technologies to creating energy-efficient solutions that minimize environmental impact, French SMEs are driving transformative change in the industry both in France and internationally. Their presence at ADIPEC underscores their commitment to industrial innovation to drive decarbonization effort and energy transition.

TotalEnergies actively empowers French SMEs by facilitating access to international markets through collective prospecting missions, hosting V.I.E (International Volunteers in Enterprise) or employees within overseas affiliate companies on their behalf and providing essential Export Loan and Personalized support thanks to the mobilization of their collaborators.

“As we solidify our transformation into a multi-energy company, a major player in the energy transition, (…) our role extends to support companies within French regions as they navigate their own transformations. We assist them in their development, including international expansion, and act as a supportive guiding force, akin to a mentor.” explained Alexandre Martin-Denavit – International development Director – TotalEnergies Direction France.

The French exhibiting companies supported by TotalEnergies are bringing innovative solutions that span the spectrum of energy efficiency, decarbonization and renewable energy.

FOSINA made its debut at ADIPEC 2023 in the French Pavilion, showcasing DxS, their sustainable decarbonization solution. DxS utilizes advanced distributed fiber optic sensing to mitigate carbon emissions across the entire lifecycle by consolidating temperature, strain, and acoustic measurements into a single, energy-efficient interrogator. This approach reduces power consumption and carbon footprint during manufacturing and operations.

We designed a Made In France sustainable fiber optic based decarbonized solution for the downstream, midstream and upstream applications including pipeline monitoring, well monitoring, CCUS, Hydrogen, and intrusion monitoring to align with the United Nations sustainability development goals 12 (Responsible Consumption and production), 13 (Climate Action), and 14 (Life Below water), aiming to significantly reduce energy consumption, CO2 emissions, while better monitoring infrastructures. We help our clients to transform the industry by applying predictive maintenance with 24/7 real-time monitoring of their assets.” shared Alexis Constantinou, CEO of FOSINA.

MARECHAL ELECTRIC is proud to be part of the industry’s most influential event. Their core mission is centered on energy efficiency and environmental responsibility, with a primary focus on reducing energy consumption and minimizing carbon footprints. To achieve this, the company harnesses the power of high-performance materials, and a unique technology called the Silver-Nickel spring loaded contact, which plays a pivotal role in reducing energy usage for their users. For over three decades, MARECHAL ELECTRIC’s sustainable products have often been installed in extreme environments with spare parts proposed facilitating product repairs, and thus extending the operational life of their solutions. “We are showcasing our technology and products at ADIPEC to support the local and global demands of the energy sector for a sustainable and decarbonized environment”. said Loic Charlot, Middle East General Manager at MARECHAL ELECTRIC.

For more than 40 years, SEIRIS has consistently demonstrated its expertise in the conceptualization, production, and installation of FABRIC, METAL, and RUBBER EXPANSION JOINTS for piping and ducting systems. They have been actively engaged in the Middle East for the past two decades, specializing in creating bespoke expansion joints, irrespective of shape or dimensions, designed to meet the most demanding operational conditions. These tailor-made solutions have been successfully implemented in industrial facilities worldwide, serving a dual purpose: optimizing their clients’ production performance and minimizing fugitive emissions to safeguard the environment.

These innovative SMEs stand resolutely committed to playing a pivotal role in the Middle East’s energy transition journey. Their goal is to promote cleaner, more reliable, and accessible energy solutions for all, thus setting the stage for meaningful contributions to the objectives of COP28.

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