From Theory to Practice: LAUMC-RH Provides Hands-On Training on Swan-Ganz Catheterization to a delegation from Iraq.

The department of Cardiology at LAU Medical Center- Rizk Hospital led by Dr. Georges Ghanem has recently concluded a successful training session on Swan-Ganz Catheterization, welcoming a delegation from Iraq. The training focused on providing hands-on experience to a group of cardiologists and interventionalists, along with their technical team, seeking to enhance their skills in right heart catheterizations.

The training began with a comprehensive lecture on the topic, covering indications, contraindications, technical aspects of the procedure, and analysis of different waveforms.

Attendees were able to gain a deep understanding of the theory behind Swan-Ganz catheterization, setting the stage for the practical sessions that followed.

Participants were then taken to the Hybrid OR, where they witnessed live demonstrations of right heart catheterization on three different cases. The training covered all aspects of the procedure, from equipment preparation to waveform analysis and obtaining hemodynamic parameters. There was a special emphasis on the importance of this technique in valvular heart diseases, demonstrating its relevance in clinical practice.

In addition to the main focus on Swan-Ganz catheterization, the training also explored new imaging technologies in coronary angiography, including the use of QFR and its role in decision-making for angioplasty in intermediate coronary lesions. This comprehensive approach equipped attendees with a wide range of skills and knowledge in the field.

To aid in further learning and education, a copy of the training material was provided to each team member at the end of the day. This valuable resource will allow participants to review and reinforce their understanding of Swan-Ganz catheterization and related topics.

The LAU Medical Center- Rizk Hospital training on Swan-Ganz Catheterization: From Theory to Practice was designed with specific learning objectives in mind. Participants were able to:

  • Review the indications, technique, and measurement parameters of right heart catheterization.
  • Master the manipulation and handling of the Swan-Ganz catheter.
  • Interpret the results obtained from the procedure.

LAU Medical Center- Rizk Hospital is proud to have hosted this successful training session, facilitating the skills development of cardiologists, interventionalists, and their technical teams from Iraq. The medical center remains committed to advancing medical knowledge and fostering collaboration in the field of cardiology.

As a university medical center, LAUMC strive to provide comprehensive educational opportunities for healthcare professionals.

LAUMC-RH will keep on organizing new training sessions at the simulation lab, covering various topics such as complex PCI and Structural heart diseases, with a focus on hands-on experience.


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