GCC Interconnection Authority (GCCIA) to host GO15 annual meeting in Dubai on 23rd November

Al Ebrahim, CEO of GCCIA, to chair the meeting being the current president of GO15

The GCC Interconnection Authority (GCCIA) will host the annual meeting of GO15, the world’s largest power grid operators globally, on Tuesday (November 23, 2021) at Sofitel Dubai Jumeirah Beach. Ahmed Al Ebrahim, CEO of GCCIA, will chair the meeting being the current president of GO15 organization following the global organisation’s most recent meeting for its directors and shareholders.


This annual meeting is of great importance because GO15 includes the largest power network operators in the world, and covers nearly 80% of the total global demand for electric energy, and about 21% of the total global production of renewable energy. Over the course of a full day, the meeting will discuss ways and mechanisms for developing energy security and the reliability of electricity transmission networks. Also, main issues of common interest to decision makers and experts working in the field of electricity production will be discussed. Moreover, the meeting will also stress the importance of forming joint action plans that serve the objectives of GO15 and the interests of the members.


“We are holding this international meeting, which I have the honor to chair, at a time where the Gulf region is at the forefront of the global energy sectors by adopting innovative technologies pertaining to clean and renewable energy,” said Ahmed Al Ebrahim, CEO of GCC Interconnection Authority (GCCIA), Current President of GO15, Chairman of the meeting.


“This meeting goes in line with GO15’s main objectives of improving energy quality; developing the efficiency and quality of electricity output; providing specialized technical support expertise in the field of planning, managing and operating electric power systems around the world; and acting as an intermediary between electric power producers and consumers to ensure reliability and security energy. It will also discuss the strategic role in the decision-making process, the technical and legal arbitration process, and the development of electric power trading markets around the world,” added Al Ebrahim.


This meeting aims to exchange experiences, discuss global experiences in the field of electric power production, propose recommendations to push the global sector forward, suggest mechanisms to activate and facilitate energy trade procedures, and explore ways to overcome obstacles and accelerate the production of electric power globally.


The meeting provides an ideal opportunity to present the experiences of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region, especially in the subject of renewable energy and sustainable and environmentally friendly projects, given that the region plays host to a number of the most important world-leading projects in this field.


GO15 is a unique joint initiative of the largest power grid operators around the world, providing senior executives and experts with a platform to tackle current and future power grid challenges. The annual meeting will attract a large number of decision makers in the electricity sector, including network operators, representatives of governments and regulators, leaders of key international associations, industry experts and key suppliers of the electric and electric vehicle industry.


Through this meeting, GO15 members will discuss the electricity networks and their facilities and conduct studies on the progress made in electricity generation, distribution and network integration. Members also seek to expand partnerships and exchange information and experiences. The meeting will also help opening ideal channels for partnerships and new collaborations, review challenges, and provide fresh insights into various topics related to electricity.


Prior to the meeting, the GO15 members will be visiting the GCC pavilion and touring the Expo 2020 Dubai.

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