Genetic Testing: How passing on genetic diseases to children can be avoided

It has been reported worldwide, that babies who are born with some kind of genetic disease usually is inherited by the child from the parents.

According to IVF experts from IVI Middle East Fertility Clinic – one of the leading fertility clinics in the region with the highest success rate of over 70%, when both parents are carriers of a mutation of the same gene, even if they are healthy, there is still a possibility that the child will be affected by a particular disease. Further, more often than not, people are unaware that they are carriers of a genetic disorder and pass it on unknowingly.

“It is, therefore, important for people to know that there are chances of them passing on genetic disorders to their offspring. If they have a genetic disease that runs in the family, we recommend that they undergo genetic testing first so that they can make informed decisions,” said Dr. Laura Melado, IVF Specialist, IVI Middle East Fertility Clinic, Abu Dhabi.

“Our advice is to know the risk of transmission before trying to conceive either naturally or through Assisted Reproduction Technologies. Awareness about this can empower many couples to make decisions that have the gravity to change their lives. It can also guide them towards the most suitable treatment depending on the health condition of the parents. Although genetic diseases cannot be cured, passing them on can be prevented with the right genetic tests,” added Dr. Melado.

Cases of genetic diseases in the Middle East are among the highest in the world. Some of the inherited genetic disorders in the region can be reasoned to consanguineous marriages.

IVI Fertility offers Compatibility Genetic Test (CGT) which identifies genes that cause diseases that may be passed on to children. The test, which can detect up to 600 diseases, is carried out on DNA obtained from blood samples obtained from the father and the mother. The results are typically released after a month. If a gene mutation is discovered, treatments may include In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) or Pre-implantation Genetic Tests may be recommended for further investigation.

“Through CGT and fertility treatments, IVI Fertility is helping couples to have healthy babies,” Dr. Melado concluded.

IVI Middle East Fertility Clinics run state-of-the art clinics in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Muscat. IVI Fertility, a renowned name in infertility treatments and a pioneer in the latest Assisted Reproductive Technologies, provides personalized care and support to all their patients across every stage of their infertility treatment. 9 out of 10 patients who undergo Assisted Reproductive Treatment with IVI Fertility realize their dream of parenthood.

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