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Are you ready to raise some brows? Benefit Cosmetics is here to take you on a fabulous brow journey that’ll have you tossing that hat aside and letting your arches do the talking. In the Middle-East, where bold meets beautiful every day, Benefit Brow Bars are your go-to glam stations for services that’ll make your peepers pop. Benefit is not just world’s #1 brow brand by accident – they earned their stripes (and waxes) by bringing the fun back into brow grooming. Get ready for a fresh brow feeling that is set to become your new obsession.

Benefit’s Brow Bars are more than just pit stops; they’re your personal beauty playgrounds where their brow experts wave their wands and poof – you’ve got the fiercest brows in town. Whether you’re looking for a subtle spruce-up or an all-out brow makeover, their services are designed to wow.

The Benefit Cosmetics Brow Services:

Brow Tinting – Say Hello to Hassle-Free Wow Brows: Ditch the daily pencil routine and wake up with dream brows ready to slay all day! The tinting service gives you that extra oomph of color, making sure each hair stands out for bolder, natural-looking brows without any makeup drama. It’s the ultimate beauty hack for girls who value an extra ten minutes of sleep.

Brow Waxing – Snatched Brows On Fleek: Imagine if your face got a high-five from the gods of glam – that’s what it feels like after a Benefit brow wax. Their experts take shaping seriously by crafting arches so sharp they could cut glass. They don’t just remove stray hairs; they style, they finesse, they perfect. And let’s be real – nothing says ‘I’ve got my life together’ quite like impeccable brows.

Lamination – The Fluff Stuff Dreams Are Made Of: If you haven’t tried lamination yet, where have you been? Get with the trend that’s taking Insta feeds by storm! This service is like a push-up for your brows giving them volume and lift that lasts longer than most romances these days (no shade, just saying). Brushed up and beautiful has never been this easy!

Shaping – Tailor-Made Arches Because You’re Unique: At Benefit, they believe in celebrating what makes you YOU – starting with bespoke brow shaping tailored to tell YOUR story. Whether it’s curves or angles that suit your fancy, their specialists craft each arch as if it were a piece of art because hey – they kind of are.

Beyond the brow-transforming lamination and shaping, Benefit services also offer meticulous brow tweezing for precision’s sake, along with lip and chin waxing services for that flawless finish. You can also pamper your visage with the facial side waxing or rejuvenate those peepers with a refreshing hydrogel eye mask. It’s the full glam package!

Step into Benefit Cosmetics’ Brow Bar realm where arches are not just groomed but glorified. With tints that tease out depth, waxes that work wonders, laminations that last lushly long and shapings sculpted to perfection — getting serviced at Benefit is less of an appointment and more of an experience.
Your seat at Benefit Brow Bars awaits across the Middle East and prepare yourself because once you’ll try it, there’s no turning back from being absolutely fabulous!

Benefit Brow Bars are available in Benefit boutiques and Sephora stores across the region

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