Dubai Gold & Jewellery Group bids goodbye to 2020 on a grand note with 9 kilos of gold as raffle winning. Raffle coupons of 36 lucky shoppers were picked for the prize distribution ceremony at Global Village.

As a boon during the pandemic year of 2020, the winners list included some interesting stories that reflect one of the main purposes of such shopping promotions in Dubai. Few inspiring stories from the winners themselves;

One of the lucky winners, Pradeep Sresta, commented, “I have been working hard in the UAE for 20 years now and I felt it was time I went back home and spent some time with my family too, more so because they are scared of coronavirus. This has been the best news for me this year and I think it is also the perfect parting gift or perfect New Year’s gift that the UAE gave me and my family.”

Another winner, Masood said “Currently I am in Pakistan with my family as I lost my job in the UAE. When I received the call from the DGJG team. I thought it was a prank call. I got assured about the win only after checking with my friends. I am still shocked and thrilled to win 250 gms of gold. It’s a life changing moment. I hope to receive my prize soon as this will come as a big relief for me and my entire family in these difficult times.”

One more winner from one of the draws held last week is an Indian national, CHRISTINA .A.S, who won 250 gms of gold.

Her ecstatic father said “I am really excited and can’t explain how lucky I am feeling right now. I have been participating in different competitions but never won anything. God has been very kind to me and I would like to keep the gold bar for the child’s future. I never knew by spending such small amount, I will be able to win so big”

Customers can still win 16 kilos of gold during the DSF period, upon their purchase of gold and diamonds worth AED 500 or more, from any of the participating outlets. Jewellery shoppers will also be able to participate in the raffle promotion with their jewellery purchases from the shops in Concourse B at Terminal 3, Concourse C at Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 of the Dubai International Airport. There will be 4 winners every alternate day in raffle draws until 30th of January 2021.

For information regarding the list of participating malls, draw dates and venues, kindly visit the website for more details

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