Guardian Glass introduces coated solar control glass in new bold colours that create new design possibilities for architects

Guardian Glass in the Middle East and Africa has introduced three new coated solar control glass products, all of which offer enhanced aesthetics, as well as excellent performance, product availability and quality. These products are specifically developed to meet architects’ requirements for high performance glass where appearance matters as well as building’s impact on its surrounding.

The SunGuard® Double Silver (DS) range from Guardian Glass combines solar or low-e coatings to provide a great balance between light transmission and thermal insulation for commercial building projects. These high-performance double silver coated solar control glass products are readily available in three new colours tuned to meet the aesthetic requirements of architects.

SunGuard® Double Silver Steel Grey

This new addition to the SunGuard® DS range satisfies current architectural design trends by providing a neutral steel grey appearance that architects desire. This opens new design possibilities for architects that can help give their projects a unique edge, flair and style. The glass also provides high performance in terms of visible light transmission, solar protection and thermal insulation – making it an ideal choice for double-glazed windows and façades.

SunGuard® Double Silver Emerald Green

This new product from the SunGuard® Double Silver range provides a striking, natural emerald green appearance. The enhanced aesthetics are combined with optimal performance attributes in terms of light transmission, solar protection and thermal insulation.

ClimaGuard® Shadow Grey

Guardian ClimaGuard® is a growing family of advanced glass products designed specifically to provide superior thermal protection and a desired performance well suited for the region’s climate. Ideal for use in windows, doors, skylights and conservatories, the enhanced appearance of the glass can help make living and working spaces more beautiful, comfortable, safe and energy efficient. The glass can be tailored to suit specific climates and help meet performance expectations or achieve distinctive styles, opening new design possibilities.

ClimaGuard® Shadow Grey is a new highly durable and easy to process low-E coating with a desirable grey appearance on a clear substrate. Suitable for both insulated and laminated glass applications, the glass offers superior thermal insulation, while allowing plenty of natural daylight into the building.

All three new products are available on clear substrate, which means a more efficient manufacturing process, which in turn means better value for customers in terms of product quality, cost and availability.

 Guardian Glass is continuously innovating and refining its SunGuard® and ClimaGuard® ranges of coated solar control glass products to continue helping architects and designers see what’s possible™ with glass, as well as helping meet their design visions and expectations.

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