For summer 2023, Violette, Guerlain Make-up Creative Director, has composed a collection based on denim, a timeless iconic textile, delicately embroidered with flowers and bees. This combination of fashion and nature, dear to Guerlain, was her inspiration for a fresh, vibrant look through a luminous colour palette, perfect for the season.

To create this limited edition, Guerlain collaborated with the painter LAURA GULSHANI, who has drawn on her floral frescos to bring to life embroidery on denim exceptionally designed for the Rouge G and Ombres G cases.

This collection is composed of two Rouge G cases, to be associated with iconic shades for the summer, and a new Ombres G harmony, in limited editions, as well as a new Kiss Kiss Bee Glow shade for a naturally fresh and colourful look.

“Jeans are an essential in the Parisian woman’s wardrobe, starting with my own! The idea of this collection is to pair denim with embroidery and very colourful graphic illustrations, representing the magic of nature in summer with an unmistakably modern feel.”– VIOLETTE, GUERLAIN MAKE-UP CREATIVE DIRECTOR

Sharing the same passion for modern and contemporary art, these two colour virtuosos were destined to meet and have now combined their talents to produce a colourful make-up collection.

LAURA GULSHANI dips her brushes into paint to compose living paintings that take a fashion show, a summer lunch with friends or the dazzling spectacle of nature as their subject. Designing illustrations for top international magazines, the young painter is renowned for her unique sense of detail and singular approach to colour. These influences have served as the basis for a realistic style imbued with a touch of poetry, through strong contours and powerful tones. Her flower drawings are like truer- than-life luxuriant bouquets.

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