Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation Organizes the Winners’ Association Forum 2023

Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation for Medical and Educational Sciences hosted the Winners’ Symposium Forum at the House of Wisdom library in Sharjah. This event reflects the foundation’s dedication to advancing educational excellence in the UAE by championing and fostering the recipients of its esteemed awards.

This day-long symposium encompassed a rich array of sessions and dialogues, complemented by an accompanying exhibition that highlighted the innovative achievements of winners spanning diverse categories and award cycles, reaching as far back as 1998.

Additionally, the program featured inspiring success stories from Aisha Al Mheeri, the inaugural recipient of the Distinguished Teacher award in 1998, and Khaled Al Attar, honored as the Distinguished Student awardee in 2001.

Moreover, within the forum, a thought-provoking panel discussion on the role of artificial intelligence in education was conducted. Nora Al Shihhi, the recipient of the Distinguished Educator award, skillfully moderated the discussion, which was attended by numerous award winners and distinguished officials. Participants in this enlightening dialogue included students Salama Al Taniji, Majid Al Mar, and Jawaher Al Hashemi, as well as educators Mohammed Al Bastaoui, Rania Mohamed, and Aisha Al Zuhouri, who serves as a school director. As part of the event, relevant collaborative workshops were conducted to further enrich the discourse.

The event highlights extended to the inauguration of the accompanying exhibition, where an impressive array of innovative works was on display, courtesy of recipients from various educational levels, including outstanding teachers and educators.

The exhibits showcased a range of inventions, such as the Smart Cap Innovation device, designed to serve workers, created by Faiza Al Busmeit, a two-time winner in cycles 20 and 23. Additionally, visitors had the opportunity to admire remarkable 3D models crafted by Hamdan Al Marzouqi, a three-time victor in cycles 20, 23, and 24. The exhibition also featured the advanced White Cane Innovation, designed by Hind Al Nuqbi, an accomplished award recipient from cycle 24. Furthermore, the exhibition displayed publications authored by student Al Rayan Al Hinai, a winner in cycles 24 and 25, as well as student Reeman Abdullah, recognized in cycles 21 and 25. The artistic corner showcased captivating paintings by Neela Al Ahababi, the award recipient in cycle 24. In the realm of educators, Aisha Al Kaabi, the victor from cycle 25, Amira Lahbesh, the distinguished awardee from cycle 23, and the winner from cycle 23 in the Distinguished Educators category contributed engaging displays that enriched the exhibition.

Dr. Khalifa Al Suwaidi, Secretary-General of Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation for Medical and Educational Sciences, emphasized the foundation’s commitment to engaging and fostering connections with its award recipients through the Winners’ Symposium. He stated, “We take great pleasure in extending a warm welcome to the distinguished recipients of Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation awards to our inaugural Winners’ Symposium. This event stands as a cornerstone program meticulously organized by the foundation to fulfill a strategic objective of advancing educational excellence by nurturing and supporting our awardees. This endeavor aligns perfectly with the foundation’s overarching mission of strengthening the rapport between members of the symposium and the foundation itself. It serves as a platform for these members to meet, exchange insights into their latest accomplishments, and collectively harness their expertise for the greater good of society, especially within the realm of education.”

Dr. Al Suwaidi expressed his deep appreciation and gratitude to the organizers of the event and the dedicated staff of the foundation for their unwavering efforts in fulfilling the foundation’s mission, as well as for their commitment to engaging with award recipients, offering them steadfast support, and ensuring their well-being.

Former winners, for their part, expressed their delight at participating in the Winners’ Symposium Forum, recognizing its alignment with the foundation’s goals. They appreciated the opportunity it provided to connect with peers, share their experiences, and exchange knowledge across various domains. As a fitting conclusion to the event, members of the symposium’s organizing team were duly honored.

The Winners’ Symposium, a distinctive program offered by Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation, assumes a pivotal role within the education sector. It serves as a foundational hub for the exchange of ideas, successful experiences, and exemplary practices among its esteemed members. Moreover, it functions as an essential conduit and bridge connecting award recipients to facilitate effective and positive communication, thereby sustaining their journey towards excellence.

Comprising winners from a range of categories, including Distinguished Student, Distinguished Teacher, and Distinguished Educator, the Winners’ Symposium welcomes those who meet the stipulated criteria for symposium registration. The symposium orchestrates a diverse array of programs, events, and purposeful activities that resonate with the notable achievements of its members across various fields.

In its inaugural cycle, the Winners’ Symposium Forum was designed to bolster all endeavors and initiatives that champion innovation, science, and technology, thus enriching the educational landscape with exceptional educational professionals. This endeavor is geared towards fostering generations equipped with knowledge, poised to carry forward the mission of progress and development, in harmony with the visionary directives of esteemed leadership. Furthermore, it seeks to harness the collective expertise of symposium members and showcase their contributions across diverse domains.

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