Haus of Babylon, the Region’s First Homegrown Non-Alcoholic Beverage Brand, Launches Across the Middle East

Haus of Babylon, founded by entrepreneur Annabel (Bella) Arcari-Bowler, is making its grand debut across the Middle East as the region’s first adult non-alcoholic brand. After just three months in the UAE market, Haus of Babylon is set to revolutionize the Middle East’s beverage landscape by offering an array of elegant, sophisticated and exciting options to people seeking non-alcoholic alternatives.

Inspired during a family holiday, Bella embarked on a mission to create Haus of Babylon, a brand that would bring the essence of the world’s most paradisiac destinations into elevated, non-alcoholic beverages. Thus, Haus of Babylon, also known as HoB (the Arabic word for “love”), was conceived as a love letter to beautiful places and the memories that they hold.

The brand’s inaugural product, the Babylon Spritz, serves as a fresh take on a well known and loved aperitif while paying homage to the Middle East in terms of ingredients and flavor profile. Crafted with regional ingredients such as tamarind, allspice and hibiscus, it delivers the familiar bitterness and complexity of the classic cocktail. Using the recipes available on the brand’s website, consumers can create variations on the classic Spritz, Negroni, Cosmopolitan, Punch..the options go on!

Haus of Babylon is more than just a beverage – it represents a lifestyle choice, one that embraces sophistication, elegance and mindful living.

Haus of Babylon products are priced at 130 AED and are currently available at select locations in the Dubai, UAE – including Roberto’s, The Maine (JBR), Twiggy by La Cantine, Babylon and online via the Drink Dry platform. For more information, please visit

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