HAYSA at the Cultural Foundation

Join us at the Cultural Foundation this weekend for two exceptional concerts of alternative and fusion Arabic music.

El Far3i, El Morabba3, and Harget Kart will bring their biggest hits and electric stage presence to Abu Dhabi for a truly unmissable show on Thursday 20 February at 7 pm.

Then on Friday 20 February, Adonis – with special guest Aziz Maraka – and Ens O Jam will take to the stage, for a night of experimental beats and melodies.


El Far3i, El Morabba3, and Harget Kart

Prepare yourself for a thrilling night of music, as three of the most exciting Arab alternative bands of all time come to the Cultural Foundation! El Far3i, El Morabba3, and Harget Kart will bring their biggest hits and electric stage presence to Abu Dhabi for a truly unmissable show.


Tareq Abu Kwaik, known by his stage name El Far3i, is a Palestinian songwriter, percussionist and vocalist from Amman, Jordan. He is the founder of Arabic folk and acoustic rap solo act El Far3i and Hip-Hop MC Far3 El Madakhil. Inspired by his surroundings and the high-speed changes in the world, El Far3i shares his thoughts and visions in verses, grooves and melodies from the eastern side of the River Jordan to the outer world and back.


El Morabba3 is a Jordanian-Palestinian music collective based in Jordan, and known for their unique electro-rock, indie-tronic sound. Winners of Best Indie Track at the ANMA 2016, El Morabba3 is one of the musical projects leading the revival of the Arab independent music scene.

Harget Kart is a Jordanian band consisting of four members who, while having very different backgrounds and experiences, became fast friends prior to collaborating musically. They formed the band in 2011 and started working in media, audio and video production, and have pioneered East/West music fusion through a unique and special flavour of their own.

Adonis plus special guest Aziz Maraka and Ens O Jam

Adonis and Ens O Jam, two bands known for their successful fusion-style music, combine to bring a unique regional line-up to the Cultural Foundation.

Established in 2011, Lebanese band Adonis has since performed at major venues and independent festivals across the Arab world (such as the Jounieh International Festival, Beirut Holidays Festival, Amman’s BAB Festival, and Dubai’s Step Music Festival), cemented their status as one of the leading Arabic independent music acts. They have released four studio albums and written music for Netflix, Pepsi, Lipton, Brazil’s Globo TV, and the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism.

Ens O Jam is a Palestinian band founded in 2016, choosing to name itself based on the way its melodic and musical phrase is created. Ens is the human source of music and the people who create it, while Jam is the state of mind/the feeling one feels after experiencing music, a state that differs from one person to another, left for each person to experience separately. Their unique identity comes from the musical harmony of the band members, who manage to create music that is free from the boundaries of any one genre, and infused with the artistic personality of each musician.

Tickets start from 150 AED and are available at www.culturalfoundation.ae/calendar

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