HE Eissa Abdul Jalil Al Fahim Visits Iconic Al Rawabi Farm, Prior to Its Reopening to Public

On Wednesday, 17th of June, HE Eissa Abdul Jalil Al Fahim, Member of Al Fahim Group Supervisory Board visited Al Rawabi Dairy farm and production plant on a private visit. He was welcomed by Dr. Ahmed El Tigani, CEO of Al Rawabi Dairy Company.

During his visit, HE Eissa Abdul Jalil Al Fahim observed that Al Rawabi is much more than just a farm: it is an institution that is at the forefront of dairy farming in the region since its inception in 1989 having started with just 500 cows. Today, with over 15,000 cows, a dairy plant, a juice plant, and a centre for feed production, Al Rawabi is not only the region’s largest dairy producer, but also the best.

Behind the name remains an ever-striving motto to be the responsible, holistic and innovative company, while providing the most wholesome, nutritious and delicious products to the consumers, keeping in mind the overall environmental sustainability and the ever-changing needs of the community.

“Al Rawabi Farm is located only 200 meters away from the plant, which ensures milk reaches the plant within a few minutes. We are keen on guaranteeing freshness in every drop, every day.” says Dr Ahmed El Tigani, CEO, Al Rawabi Dairy Company.

“Al Rawabi constantly works with the government institutions, schools and representatives of the communities, to be on the cutting edge of health in the region.” he added. Through years of dedicated research, Al Rawabi keeps on developing enriched dairy products to help combat the ever-growing health concerns specific to the region, including Vitamin D deficiency.

HE Eissa Abdul Jalil Al Fahim was shown the full milking process. His Excellency observed the cutting-edge technology that is being used to ensure each cow is taken care of to optimise milk production, such as innovative shade displays and sprinkler systems to keep the cattle cool in the summer months.

Following the COVID-19 outbreak, Al Rawabi temporarily closed the farm to the public. “Al Rawabi has at heart to ensure that its 15,000 cows are milking healthily, providing consumers with the freshest and most qualitative products possible during these hard times” concluded El Tigani.

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