Heart-Winning Accessories from 2XL Furniture & Home Décor

Whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day with your friends, family or that someone special, create unique settings with 2XL Furniture & Home Décor. The luxe brand offers a fabulous range of products that can be creatively combined to spread the joy of love in a fun and adorable way.

Amit Yadav, Head of Marketing at 2XL Furniture & Home Décor, said, “At 2XL we offer an elegant selection of accessories that make for great gifts as well as decorative items for stunning Valentine’s Day set-ups. Pairing classic ideas with unexpected touches can have one-of-a-kind impact. Simple yet sophisticated details, that step away from the traditional schemes, create lasting impressions. These are ideal to express your appreciation towards your loved ones.”

Here’s what is on offer at 2XL Furniture & Home Décor:


Product Description: Jewellery Box BUR/GD

Dimension: 28x14x9 cm

Material: Glass covered with red velvet + Metal

Price: AED 67


Product Description: Leaf Tray with 2 Birds

Dimension: WH L23.5cm

Material: Ceramic

Price: AED 56


Product Description: Painting Perfume

Dimension: MLT H82.5-2

Material: Canvas

Price: AED 269


Product Description: Jewellery Box with Flowers

Dimension:  SPK/WH 12×11 cm

Material: Ceramic

Price: AED 48


Product Description: S/2 Eiffel Tower Book End GD

Material: Aluminium, Marble

Price: AED 201

Product Description: Chandelier GD

Dimensions: 104x75x60 cm

Material: Aluminium, Chinese crystal, Clothshade

Price: AED 2,766

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